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  1. Just applied to Asda (Walmart to the Americans)

    Topic. Applied on their website for "ambient" (whatever that is?) customer service work at the Chaucer Road store, bit awkward to get to but I know where it is, it's near where I do my Digital Arts course on Thursday mornings. Don't worry, I won't disclose my opinion that Parson Cross is full of Chavs.
  2. It’s a Start

    Filled one wheelbarrow full of leaves from raking part of the backyard today. Better than zero wheelbarrows. Wasn’t feeling very productive today; was actually feeling pretty lousy emotionally. I did feel better after doing this one small spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous activity, so that’s something on which to build.
  3. Can’t Happen Soon Enough

    The reality of having my own place again is very far away. If nothing goes wrong (& when does that happen?), it will still take YEARS... I’m feeling suffocated. There’s nothing to be done about it but just sucking it up. That’s life. Even if I still manage to get my own place within this lifetime, there will still be problems. There always are. Things breaking. Neighbors. Noise. Exchanging one set of problems for another set of problems.
  4. Still not heard back from any jobs I applied to recently

    Still no news! I'm expecting an email from Game this week because I put that I can attend interviews any Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from this week. And I applied to what might've been the perfect position last week, paid position in a Charity shop in Hillsborough, Sue Ryder, a Cancer charity apparently. Why is it though that nobody has the courtesy to let you know either way? SO annoying. Anyway I'll stop ranting now before I let out a bad word.
  5. Moving Rooms

    I think it might help my sleep hygiene to move from basement to bedroom. Maybe I could hang rugs, tapestries, & flags on the walls to muffle sound. I want to cocoon. The bed frame is crap, but the mattresses on the floor would be fine. Depending which of the three available corners is most quiet is where I’d place the bed. Fill with pillows & throws. It is too sunny, but that can also be remedied. Shouldn’t be too long before it’s freed up. I’m looking at bedrooms on Pinterest & eating my...
  6. S5-E7: Emily

    Watching this ep makes me so sad but Halloween season means almost-Christmas season so it's a must see. It's sad knowing that Scully not only lost her daughter Emily that she barely knew but also finds out in 2018 that William isn't Mulder's and belongs to the Cigarette Smoking Man by means of medical r*pe. At the same time it sort of fits with Sci-Fi/Horror as a genre and is to be expected. :(
  7. Applied for 3 jobs yesterday!

    Topic. Applied to the Co Op in Crookes, and also the Lego Store in Meadowhall, and a job working as a PA (Personal Assistant) for disabled children, well I printed off the application form for that but I might not fill it in and send it back, the job requires a driver ideally, and I don't drive due to disability and I probably never will. I also applied to GAME at Meadowhall last week, and also Pagazzo Lighting in Town, whish me luck, hopefully I'll get interviews soon, I put that I can...
  8. Class Tonight

    I have a class tonight, Intro to Improv. Next Sunday, I'll be meeting with my group of autistic theatre friends as well. Yay me! Now I'll go back and try to watch an anime!
  9. Just applied for Lego seasonal assistant position!

    Topic. My "Work and Enterprise Coach" at Autism Plus sent me a link yesterday to apply for it and I had a punt on the temporary "Seasonal Assistant" position. The only problem with temporary work is that it would probably be a pain in the bum with the Benefits Office, it would take them the duration of the work to do the paper work for the "permitted work" while I'm claiming ESA but if need be I'll try and sort that. Anyway I applied for another job!
  10. Out West is where my heart is

    I had an appointment yesterday with the autism specialist and he was asking me questions. What do I like to do? What have I ever saved money for? If I could have any job I wanted, what would it be? Etc. I noticed that most of my answers pointed west. (A play on words there). I enjoy traveling out west. I saved money a few times for a trip out west. My dream job was always to drive an escort car following a wide load truck all around the country - mainly out west. If I could live...
  11. Won some money on the Lottery this weekend!

    Won £25 (works out about $30 at current exchange I think) on the National Lottery Saturday night, and then today I bought a £1 scratch card and won £2. In disappointing news, I got an email rejection yesterday from WH Smith's at Crystal Peaks! I applied for a job out there last week via Indeed.co.uk, I wouldn't mind but the rejection was possibly because I declared my disability, and y'all know my feelings about the UK government's enforcement of the Equality laws, or rather, lack thereof....
  12. 3 Things That Are Helping My Sleep

    I’m still having trouble with restless sleep & early morning wakening, but my sleep is somewhat improved by: 1) drinking sleepy time tea 2) taking a magnesium supplement before bed 3) eating my daily banana in the evening instead of morning I want to experiment with eating more high tryptophan foods (like a hard boiled egg or cottage cheese) in the evening too. Pink/white noise is on the back burner, as is the blanket fort, but it’s good to brainstorm.
  13. Money Making Ideas

    1) knitting 2) writing? 3) quilting 4) embroidering 5) sewing piecemeal 6) drawing caricature 7) creating drawing, photo, &/or video for shutterstock
  14. STORYTIME - Sensory Battlefield 01

    Today, I have a mission! ... and after gearing up in a hat, hoodie and sunglasses, I feel just safe enough to step out that door. I walk quickly. I know I have 2 crosswalks, a bus ride and 6 more busy street crossings between here and my appointment downtown. The bus is very loud and bumpy. I don't even remember getting on. With the AC roaring, and windows open to the sound of passing vehicles, the driver barrels down the road and around the corners. His radio is going off with messages...
  15. About other people

    I have learned many lessons while travelling. I don’t want to turn this blog into a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou collection of lectures by someone who thinks they know better then you, because I don’t, so I won’t. But, I just wanted to make a little note of what I have learned about People. I spell People with a capital ‘P’ because they are my greatest fear, of course. I never ‘got’ them, those People who have minds and bodies and lives and thoughts different to mine. I never got how they...