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  1. Like Meat Loaf once sang, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

    So I was on a bit of a mission this afternoon in Town, had to collect something from the central Post Office which I ordered on eBay last week, and then collect a battery charger from Argos which I ordered yesterday, and I also wanted to call in CEX and see if I could trade in 3 games towards a Sony memory stick for the new camera, but I'll do that this weekend. At least like I said, I completed 2 out of 3 parts of my mission, including the main thing of collecting my eBay parcel.
  2. Daily Goals December:

    1) Meditate 2) iPad Drawing 3) Read Book 4) Quilt 5) Exercise In order of importance. I’m hoping to one day make money from iPad drawing & quilting. Multiple streams of income. For now I’m skill building. The rest of my goals are for balance. The weather is no longer a distraction.
  3. Events in a Community

    StackPath (Above is link to the generator titled "Events in a community.") Title: events in a community Descriptor: so it goes Button: Click for updates Background: Cherrywood (Formality, to imply objectivity) Sample of Results: Many fat people cruised the back roads with a six pack last Saturday night. Dehydrated harpsichord players puked. The majority of the insurance salesmen failed to adequately maintain their cars. Number of Results Possible: 68,310 Format: quantification...
  4. Thanksgiving Day Hike

    I was able to wander off today in the State Forrest. The temperature was 16F up on the ridge. It was the perfect temperature for a 5 Mile hike. ;)
  5. This week's Blog stuff - Social services budgets my arse!

    And other rants. Seriously, they want to take away the care company who get me up most mornings and help me to run a Bath and get ready and stuff because the company are "too expensive" and are no longer on the Social services' books! Not being funny but they knew the company in question were one of the more expensive ones when they signed them up and sent them to me last October, so why have they suddenly decided to end the contract now? Government cutbacks most likely! I hate the Tories!...
  6. Intro Post - Diagnosis

    Hi everyone, I'm new to blogging, but I really like writing as a hobby. Anyway, this is my first post and so I'm going to talk about my experience getting diagnosed with autism through my university's medical system. If you're college age or nearly so and you're undiagnosed this might be a favorable option to get a diagnosis without having to pay anything but your tuition. This may not be an option at every university, but a lot of schools here in the US have a discounted medical plan for...
  7. Days Like This.

    I long for the escape of being left alone, having a space to myself. Experiencing the peaceful emptiness solitude provides. Away from the stench & mess of the other humans & their never ending, insistent, annoying noise. Even the footfall of a single person is enough to overwhelm me with disgust. Not that I’m so much better; I’m obviously not. I just want to get away. Being able to finance my escape from the other humans would involve me getting off my flabby butt & making money. I’ve done...
  8. Limiting Caffeine

    I consume 1 cup of coffee & 1 green tea daily. I want to experiment with cutting back on my caffeine consumption & see if it has a positive effect on my quality & consistency of sleep. I’m not overjoyed at the prospect of having to limit my caffeine consumption. I believe caffeine helps me function, but my functioning hasn’t been so great lately either.
  9. Hiking last weekend

    We spend most weekends at our cabin in the Laurel Highlands. There is always plenty to do. As the temperatures drop I tend to become more active. This is the actual hiking trail.
  10. This week's Blog stuff

    So I had a bid going on eBay for £32 for Soul Calibur 6 on Xbox, I was winning right up to literally 5 seconds left of the bid, eh? Annoying when people wait till literally the last second to outbid me! In better news, I have a trial day booked volunteering at the new Sue Ryder Charity shop on Tuesday, by rights it should be a paid job, but they said last week that "my answers to the telephone interview weren't 'in depth' enough" whatever that means, I got pretty much the same answer when...
  11. Travel

    I love travelling. The sensory experiences create some badly needed dopamine. But I get flustered rather easily. To counteract that, I like to be thorough when I make travel plans, to leave as little as possible to chance. Am I the only one? Let's share stories.
  12. Online dating pt.2

    Physically my heart feels as though it’s crying. I’m not though. I got it wrong again. After my last online dating disaster, I had picked myself up and decided to try again. I started talking to someone new. We liked each other, we were making plans to meet etc. During our conversations I had noticed that when I asked him a question, he often used one word answers. I had to point it out didn’t I! I replied: “you don’t like small talk do you? I’m not a huge fan either btw, I engage...
  13. Online dating

    I have had romantic relationships since I was 18, I’m 31 now. I finished a long relationship a while ago and had been happily single. I was diagnosed with Aspergers 4 months ago, I’ve been enjoying the liberation it feels to understanding yourself better. I’ve been feeling positive and relieved. I’ve started to miss male company, so have started online dating. I started chatting with someone, we exchanged messages regularly for a few weeks and was discussing where to meet and when. He...
  14. Halloween

    I’m herding kittens, but I’m obviously no match for their energy & I’m giving up. I’m hanging out with a previous employer’s dog. We’re chilling in this ride that’s not mine. It’s comfortable. Maybe too comfortable? I’m climbing inside with the relaxed dog & pushing a green button! This vehicle that doesn’t belong to me starts & I’m backing it out of the driveway & driving it around the block. When I’m pulling it back in the driveway, the woman who owns it only seems mildly annoyed. I’m...
  15. Limiting Liquids

    I drink water & herbal tea too late into the night. I want to experiment with not drinking anything after 8pm & see if that might help eliminate my early morning waking.