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  1. I Don't Want to Follow The Sheep.

    I'm sick of having all my hopes and ambitions dismissed, because nobody else wants to do that. I don't want to talk about memes all day everyday, i don't find that stuff funny all the damn time. I don't want to follow, i am sick of having peer pressure put on me. When now i just naturally resist it, i don't want to leave because everyone else wants to leave. I don't care if i look "Weird" i enjoy being the outsider now. I want to be an individual. Not some fool questioning my life everyday...
  2. Hey People!

    Hey People! I know it's been a long time since I blogged but a lot has been going on. Back in Dec, I broke up with my girlfriend because she wanted to date other people besides myself simultaneously and I'm not built 4 polyandry. Then on Feb 24 my mother passed away. So I have been grieveing both a lost relationship and my mother's death. About my gf: she took my virginity and that makes her have a special place in my heart. Don't get me wrong, her sexual shenanigans were hard to deal with...
  3. How to Help Your Autistic Child Thrive

    Autistic children face a lot of misunderstanding. You can trust me on that because I've been in the same position as your promising boy or girl is now. Just like your kid, I have autism. Just like your kid, I had parents who really wanted to help me, but didn't exactly know how. Just like your kid, I hated bedtime, even though I don't think that had anything to do with my autism. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I know what works and what doesn't for autistic children. Of course, not...
  4. April 2019 Daily Goals

    1) special project 2) self-hypnosis 3) declutter Having to switch gears again. Nothing to be done but push through, lean in: The special project will be done eventually, I think? Or I will just get really good at it with all the practice I’m getting. Who knows. The self-hypnosis is about mindfulness & noise sensitivity. The decluttering is culling my drawings. Routines are helping me.
  5. Food addiction sucks

    You know what the problem is with food addiction? Is that you can not stop eating completely unless you want to dye or unless you are a Saint. To stop an addiction you have to keep away from it right? How the hell do you do that with food? With food, extremes don't work: if you stop eating you dye, if you overeat you dye. ( I know we all have to dye some time but you get my point, I think) The only solution that I can see is: really go deep in the reasons you have an addiction, find the...
  6. Sleep Hygiene

    Before bed routine: Drink sleepy time tea Take magnesium supplement No screens in the sleeping area Eat banana & cottage cheese or hard boiled egg or other high tryptophan food
  7. House

    A neighbor may be selling their house in the near future. It’s too nice for me though. Even if I could buy it, don’t know that I could manage to reliably pay taxes & maintain it. It would be a shame to buy a property just to lose it over something small.
  8. Introduction I Guess

    My life has been pretty normal I went to a public school near my home town where I was quite literally "born and raised". However I've always been a weird kid and I never really knew why. Now I think I have found the answer but I'd like to post it on here to get a little closure i guess, also just to put into words all the thoughts I have when im left alone. In classes I am (in my opinion fairly good) especially at maths and physics, and oddly history however I struggle to write the essays I...
  9. Now seriously

    For the last two weeks, I've been kind of over thinking about some incidents that caused me some irritation or even anger. Minor things to others probably, but in me they create havoc. I have a pattern which is that I get emotionally devastated when I witness conflicts, when I have to handle them personally, when I see people lying , when I see people manipulate others to obtain what they want...and yes I know this happens every day all over the world, but I just don't know how in my case I...
  10. Because I am not a person to cry for a long time

    Because I am not a person to cry for a long time and I bounce back very quickly here is another music I want to share that gives me the energy to do that.
  11. Need a good cry today

    This is what I am listening and it does help. To get in touch with my feelings and emotions. I just love this album and wanted to share with someone.
  12. Brainstorming

    Sign painter Illustrator Cartoonist Videographer Wildlife expert - cats Cat behaviorist Film director Homeware/furniture designer Computer hacker Academic Comedian Comedy writer Non-fiction writer Seamstress Movie editor Dog trainer Dog sitter Teacher Dream interpreter Website builder Calligrapher Letterer Professional listener Animal psychic Used book buyer/seller Muralist Cat nanny Joke writer Knitter Animator Cat DJ Quilter Landscape painter
  13. Mario on tinder

    The last time I wrote it was about the length of time it might take to make a finished item and post it. There is the time it takes to develop it. And there is the time it takes to enter the material and post it. Sometimes there are problems with the site snatching all the data away once a person clicks to post it. That gets frustrating, entering everything, only to have it revert back to an empty work area. This I finished and posted 4 days after the last time I wrote a Blog entry here....