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This is a really good question.

I really value curiosity or the ability to think deeply about things (I was going to say intelligence but that’s not necessarily what it is), but not at the expense of qualities such as kindness and compassion.

Basically, I’m really drawn to people who use their ability to explore a topic in detail and think deeply about it to make the world a better place in some way.

Also, wisdom. I don’t know what it is, but I really respect and admire those who not only have lots of knowledge and experience but are able to apply it to their own lives or the lives of others in practical ways and with good judgement. Maybe it’s because I don’t do this very well because I’m bad at generalising (I suppose many of us are) so I really value it in others because it almost seems like magic.
I most admire people who care about other's who show it by their actions. Those who help others without trying to turn it into a youtube video for their own reward, but instead help others without taking credit for themselves.
The ability to think and consider many perspectives, straight line thinkers don't enthrall me. Kindness, compassion, real ethics, not simply espousing them for others, actions not words.
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A person who strives to be a good person and shows that with his actions.

Being a good person is a very complicated topic, because you first have to establish a definiton of ''good''. Without falling into the trap of writing a essay on the subject, I will just give a incomplete subjective definiton. I think a good person is someone who despite consequences to himself will do the best he can for as many people, without breaking the individual rights of people.

I believe that the concept of ''good'' is the most nobel thing to strive to be and just like the concept of perfection, unreachable. I think striving for it, with the knowledge that reaching it is impossible makes it for me the most desirable quality in a person.

Even tough I am most attracted to intelligence.

ps, I am really tired, so it is very inconclusive.
A difficult question to answer... but I guess, kindness (which is a form of empathy).

I value humour and intelligence too (not high IQ necessarily, but curiosity and ability/eagerness to learn), however, when it comes down to it... if that person is unkind, those positive attributes mean nothing.




Self awareness


Plus all of the qualities in the previous posts. I have a long list of 'must haves' :)
The ability to take a joke without being offended or labeling the jokester. People who aren't so thin skinned everything offends them.
The person who espouses all the qualities that are most admirable is:

Someone who always strives to better oneself.

Someone who is humane, compassionate, and humble.

Someone who can make me laugh and enjoys laughing as much as I do.

Someone who understands boundaries and respects them.

Someone who can admit when they're wrong or don't understand a topic or someone else's perspective and then strives to do better.

Someone who despises the same things I despise: insularity, willful ignorance, cockiness, lack of compassion for those who suffer, narrowmindedness, constant compliance to authority without question.

I believe most of the honourable qualities mentioned above stem from honesty and the lack of honesty in this world accounts for a great many of it's evils.
I think kindness is the purpose of living.

Ironic then that I'm wired in a way which often results in me being told I'm mean for reasons I can't see! :eek:

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