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  1. Beanfinity

    Recovering from burnout - re-entering the realm of socializing

    A year ago was when I came to realize my autism-ness and also realized I was in the deep trenches of a burnout. I didn't know what I had been doing was masking for my entire life. I have been isolating myself for about a year from neurotypical social outings (group activities, dinners/nights at...
  2. Slim Jim

    They are the opposite sex, but come with the same personality as you

    What would be your reaction, to such a person. Positive or negative or just neutral. Both of you have the same personality, attitudes, interests, opinions. Have all the same idiosyncrasies. And don't say, well, I'm ugly. I would be repulsed by somebody like me. Just imagine, She/He is very...
  3. BrokenBoy

    What is your temperament?

    Undoubtably my favorite personality type system is the 4 temperaments. A proto-psychological theory which states there are basically 4 types of people. The choleric, the melancholic, the sanguine, and the phlegmatic. Take the test here: OSPP Four Temperaments Test I'm a melancholic.
  4. M

    How to improve your self-esteem

    HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM The best way to improve your self-esteem is to change the way you think about yourself. Basing your self-esteem on accomplishments, success, or how you compare to other people can make you insecure, self-absorbed, or self-conscious. ACCEPT THAT NO ONE IS PERFECT...
  5. Daydreamer

    Juxtaposing traits?

    When I was looking into advice on how to write fictional characters, I remember coming across the advice of giving your character two opposing traits that seem contradictory when viewed from a distance, but when given full context the two actually make sense together. This got me wondering how...
  6. M

    Agreeableness and autism

    Is scoring low in agreeableness a personality predictor, not for being on the spectrum, but being officially diagnosed? Is autism ever associated with not only having difficulty understanding how one's actions make other people feel but not even caring?
  7. Vindicator Phoenix

    People/Characters Similar to You

    Which famous people and/or characters resemble you (in appearance and/or personality)? Feel free: to include multiple people/characters and to describe your similarities to them. To whom do you relate?
  8. A

    My Life Oblivious of Autism intro

    I am biologically a female, but I identify as gender neutral. Because of that, it took a little longer to figure myself out, and was always missed. I was officially diagnosed with high functioning autism, alongside depression and anxiety, by the age of 15, so I missed a lot of my mental illness...
  9. BrokenBoy

    What's your moral alignment?

    On a website there's this personality test that places your moral attitudes and ethics within 9 classifications known as "alignments" These alignments rank you on 2 scales, chaotic and lawful, and good and evil. Neutrality (An equal balance of chaotic/lawful and good/evil) can also be achieved...
  10. SusanLR

    Which Animal Dynasty are You?

    This is an interesting quiz for animal lovers. Take the test and see what your answer is. I am of the Lion family. Home - BBC Earth
  11. GadAbout

    People do change.

    I have noticed, after participating in a few online forums over a few years, that although personality structure remains fairly consistent throughout the life span, I actually do see some improvement in certain participants. It's easy to conclude when all a person's posts seem to revolve around...
  12. Vindicator Phoenix

    Your Favorite Quality, in a Person

    What is/are your favorite quality/qualities in a person? My favorite quality is empathy.
  13. Crossbreed

    On-Line Autism Tests...?

    I want to make a blog post/index page of on-line autism tests to recommend to new members. I could just Google them, but I prefer to list only those that are recommended by our members. These could give a clue on if further pursuit is warranted. I am looking for on-line IQ tests & personality...
  14. SusanLR

    If You Were...

    Make a list of objects that you identify with and why. For example: If you were a tree, what kind would you be? If you were an animal, what would it be? What color feels like you? If you were a flower, what flower are you? It can be anything you imagine. And it could be fun to see what and...
  15. soumayax

    Psychology dissertation: Autism-related traits and personality.

    Introduction – Hello everybody, my name is Soumaya. I’m currently a third-year Psychology BSc student, collecting data as part of my dissertation (final project). About the research – My dissertation is titled "How does personality vary with autism-related traits within the general population"...
  16. SomeRandomAspie

    Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and Autism

    I recently took the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) found at Free personality test | 16Personalities and I got the result of INTJ. Being someone with Asperger's I was wondering if the percentage of INT personalities was higher on the spectrum as opposed to people not on the spectrum. If you...
  17. M

    As an Aspie/Autie do you know who you are?

    In my life, looking back at the past I've found that my personality is malleable and not quite real. At school I was student, working I was various things, artist, chef, salesperson, waitress, newspaper carrier, babysitter. Have held a lot of jobs in my life, and during that time I identified...
  18. trvp3zoid

    Do Aspies Have A Sense of Humor?

    I'm not so sure sometimes...
  19. A

    Questioning my diagnosis

    hi everyone. I was diagnosed with borderline ASD/NVLD back in September of 2015. As a child I met full criteria for Asperger's syndrome. However I am beginning to question it. It seems that diagnosing ASD is very difficult to do since I am also GAD and ADHD. I function fine with medicine...
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