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  1. H

    I have a crush on my best friend

    I've known this girl for almost 10 years. We met in middle school (we're both in uni now). We've always been very good friends. For a while, I had a crush on her, and a couple of years ago we both admitted to having had crushes on each other in the past. At that point I didn't have feelings for...
  2. M

    Renting a friend/paying someone to talk or hang out with you

    I came across a couple websites where you can pay people to act like they're your friend (they'll talk to you, text, hang out, go to a movie, restaurant, or party). What do you think about it? Has anyone tried it? I think it could be helpful to talk about special interests, work on social...
  3. jleeb05

    The Three Types of Friendships

    In some ways, I consider myself lucky because I know Aspies often struggle with social connections. I've managed to meet some great people and cobble out some wonderful friendships throughout my life. However, recently I've often found myself disappointed with the quality of my friendships. I...
  4. Amy Stone

    Do you try to make friends by "buying" them?

    As an Aspie, I tend to not connect to people on an emotional level. Instead, I try to show my affection or interest by doing, buying, or making something nice for them. Some examples: -New neighbors were moving in and I had pizza and soda delivered -I made art and sent art to several people -I...
  5. Mars26

    I can't forget my ex

    Me and my ex were very close and we were in love. But because my insecuritise and his homophobic family we broke up. We are still friends and we are still have feelings for each other but I have hard time accept it because I still believe I can change this. He is convinced that despite his...
  6. Skittlebisquit

    Take turns talking

    There is a rhythm to it that I don't understand. This rhythm seems to vary or rather the speed of it does. Sometimes I get it right, mostly I don't. Is she interrupting me when I am speaking or am I talking wrong? Did I repeat myself yet again (like for clarity) because I do that a lot. I can't...
  7. The Autistic Warrior


    Hello, I am a boy of 19 years old, I am mildly autistic, I feel very lonely and I have a bad home situation. I'm looking for a friend who can be of all ages to play games or stay with. Greetings Johan
  8. Mars26

    Troubles with best friend

    I recently have big argument with my best friend in which he told me what a burden I am for him. And no matter what he misunderstands or says incomprehensible (even to neurotypical people), he will always find a way to say that I just don't understand because I have autism. I know that I'm...
  9. Fact Ten

    Has anyone used Hiki?

    I'll resist the urge to make puns about the name at the moment... A friend of mine who I game with recently let me know about an app exclusively for individuals on the autism spectrum called Hiki. It's apparently both for dating and making new friends and I was considering using it. Does anyone...
  10. Jenisautistic

    hi again i feel so disconnected and i miss my life

    hey everyone I really feel like I messed up big time I just Facebooked my friend from my old high school I guess I was really desperate this doesn't sound right but I was hurt as I menciend when my friend moved away and I felt friendless and so alone because we again lived in the same...
  11. Mars26

    Friends Issue

    I'll start with the hardest thing. I lost my friend in Monday and I was at her funeral yesterday. I mention this because it is quite relevant to my thread. Let's start from the beginning my late friend, me and my other friend were close but we weren't each other only friends. When we started...
  12. Zealot North

    My Aspie friend told me they love me -and I feel the same way!- but......

    Hello everyone, this will be my first thread that's not an introduction thread! As the title already mentioned, I have a very close friend who has diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. I personally have PDD-NOS myself. While I have an easy time describing my strengths and weaknesses, and what I can...
  13. inabox

    How do you respond to Compliments...?

    Does anyone understand this? I have trouble doing things like returning compliments. Things I should do and most times I want to. Like someone says to me "hope you have a good summer". I should reply "you too" and I want to, either because its polite or I actually mean it, or both. But something...
  14. Vindicator Phoenix

    Your Favorite Quality, in a Person

    What is/are your favorite quality/qualities in a person? My favorite quality is empathy.
  15. Suzanne

    Hugs? Cuddles?

    Because my husband is a huge hugger and I have learned to accept his hugs and up to a certain point, get a sense of warmth from it; not all the time though, he is the only one I can hug ( which, of course is great) :p Anyway, what I find difficultly with regarding hugs, is the absolute...
  16. P

    Advice about my friend

    Hi, I am hoping people can help, apologies in advance for the very long post! I work with a guy who comes in to work a couple of times per month, a few months ago he told me he has autism, which makes no difference to me what so ever everybody is individual and the world would be boring if we...
  17. Fiona

    Best friend

    Do you have a best friend? Or had? How this relationship look(ed) like? Do you feel a need to have one? I had one. We knew each other for +10 years, through internet (but we met few times). We had some breaks - sometimes she disappeared but mostly me. And last time was probably the final one I...
  18. Cinnamon115

    Did I make a new friend? Feeling clueless

    I'm at college again and I've only been here a couple weeks. I started talking with someone at the table next to me during dinner. He seemed really nice, we talked awhile, and we exchanged phone numbers, but I haven't had a real friend in so long that I feel clueless on what to do. Are we...
  19. B

    Hi! I need help. Is this the right place?

    Hi, I'm Bigpumkin, a non-spectrum person who lives in a high school dorm (familial setting) in Germany with a Chinese student who has autism. Recently his obsession has turned from trains and frustration with French transportation related strikes towards anti refuge talk. It has become...
  20. 10PurpleHippopotamuses

    Discord server for those on the spectrum

    A few of the members of this forum, including myself, created a Discord server for people to join in as members. We allow free discussion, with the exception for rabble rousing. We do ask that people try their best to be civil, and we in return promise to be understanding to people's actions...
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