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  1. A

    Anyone else who can form surface level connections, but not deeper connections?

    Aside from that, that most of the tips that you get for making deep connections don't ever work on you? I can make myself fit in with most groups, but it will never lead to any deeper connections. Even if I try to ask questions, even if I try to invite to do things. I still never manage take my...
  2. D'Andre

    I don't get people

    Humans are so difficult for me to deal with. They are exhausting at work. Even the nice ones. I wish I could work in a quiet cubicle away from everyone. I work where crowds of people are and I'm realizing more and more how it effects me when I get home. I'm amped up. My nerves are itching all...
  3. onlything

    Passive aggression

    How do you deal with passive-aggressive people? One of my flatmates is really annoying in this regard. I spend most of the time in my room, but I also don't want to have to walk on eggshells every time I go to the kitchen or bathroom. And she's definitely angry, she will even glare if she...
  4. Searching for My Place on the Spectrum

    65 Years and Counting...

    Very early in my career, a decade or more before the turn of the century, I was given a test by my employer to determine, within any project, the level of importance I placed upon the people versus the task. After he gathered the results, I was told by the gentleman who administered the test...
  5. M

    What is more important to you than your computer?

    This is one of those either or questions. If you could choose one thing, which is most important: These are examples: Your computer or your family? Your computer or your pet? You computer or your transportation? What one thing, is more important than your computer?
  6. Vindicator Phoenix

    Your Favorite Quality, in a Person

    What is/are your favorite quality/qualities in a person? My favorite quality is empathy.
  7. M

    Dreams of autism

    Recently had a dream where I encountered people, who seemed just like me. They understood me, and we were all trapped in a large building the size of a city. Everyone wanted to find a way out, even a border collie I found running in a snowy area. I was carrying my cat, so she wouldn't get lost...
  8. Backpacking Brain

    About other people

    I have learned many lessons while travelling. I don’t want to turn this blog into a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou collection of lectures by someone who thinks they know better then you, because I don’t, so I won’t. But, I just wanted to make a little note of what I have learned about People. I...
  9. Butterfly88

    A-Z Famous People

    Famous people in alphabetical order. Al Gore
  10. M

    Hospital Stories

    Realize that hospital is usually not a great place to be if your a patient. For most people, and especially Aspies. My spouse is finding it difficult in hospital, with people coming and going constantly. The noise associated with hospitals, people touching you, the lack of privacy. Among many...
  11. M

    Do you remember your dreams?

    Rarely ever do, only at times when I take a short nap and wake up suddenly. And then they fade away. Do you like your dreams? Which ones do you like? Do recall several in which I saw people from the past, but was anxious and walked quickly through rooms of people who I used to know and some...
  12. pjcnet

    Can you visualise people easily?

    Is it common for people with aspies to have difficulties visualising people? I would welcome comments and replies from everyone, but please only vote in the poll if you consider yourself an aspie. I assume that not being able to visualise people easily also causes recognition issues which would...
  13. Tyrantus1212

    Not sure why I'm so mixed in this aspect...

    It's weird. Sometimes I just want to be left alone, while at other times I'm the one who cannot leave people alone . Moreover, this often depends on the person. If these people are my friends - the very few ones I managed to make - I cling to them like a moth to a flame. I cannot let go of...
  14. Questella

    Fidget Toys in Stores

    So I was out shopping yesterday and it was so crazy. I saw a huuuge table of the fidget toys, it as like 9' round table with at least a few inches high wall around it to to hold items. Full of the fidget toys. I couldn't even try to get close to it to, there were just dozens of people crammed...
  15. Katleya

    Explanations perceived as excuses

    I was wondering if any of you felt the need to explain processes in certain situations. I do, and it typically gets a response from my NT coworkers or boyfriend that is light years away from my intention. Here are two instances: - I've tried explaining that I may have difficulties with certain...
  16. Questella

    What is this mentality?

    I'm so burnt out from people doing these things... What is it that posses people to go out of their way to tell you everything that's wrong with you? People have to stop what they are doing to make sure you know about something that is wrong with you? I'll just be not bothering anybody and...
  17. Questella

    Why do people want to give you "their" number?

    Their is in quotes because idk if it's ever someone's real number... but I always end up with people insisting I get their number so we can keep up chat or whatever they think I think people do... The thing is I'll go ahead and do it and send them a message like, "hey, this is Blaze, what's...
  18. Questella

    Everyone's Always Whispering Whispering

    So this is really annoying, I tried to talk to my son's father about it and was told it's all my fault for making everyone so uncomfortable all the time but wth... Whenever I'm in a room with other people they all, all of them, litterly everyone bUT me, always end up in one side of the room...
  19. B

    My daughter is obsessed with a real actress

    My daughter, age 18, is obsessed with a character called Cat Noir from Miraculous. She looks at him all day on her iPad at school, in her room, and in public. She even brings along a Cat Noir doll with her, along with her "miraculous" iPad. But her Cat Noir obsession is diminishing for another...

    Aspies and Dating

    I'm sure a thread such as this has been rehashed several thousand times but I hope to switch it up, make things new (if such a term is possible anymore). First, how many people here have trouble dating? I know I do. My problem is I tend to be too nice and get taken advantage of. And along the...
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