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  1. S

    That Sound Design Thread!

    I figured, since there's an art remix thread... why not have an audio version? (This is not the same thing as posting full songs! There's a great thread for that already :)) Anyone can post their audio experiments (analog, digital, even just field recordings), offer up samples for others to...
  2. Daydreamer

    Do you struggle to recall voices?

    I do. When I'm dreaming or imagining a situation, the voices of people are either distant and indistinct (a haziness, as if the sound was going through a tunnel) or sound exactly the same as my voice. This is also why I struggle to do accents. I lack a mental catalogue that I can refer to. No...
  3. Sir Bedlam

    Hello everyone!

    Hello, I just recently joined this site, and I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself here. My name is Jake. After having dealt with much anxiety and depression throughout my life, feeling like an outsider and struggling with the difficulties that come with Asperger's, it feels nice knowing...
  4. DesertRose

    Radio waves and things we can't hear normally

    The whole idea of how they discovered radio waves is very interesting. It makes me wonder sometimes if tinnitis is (its not, I don't think) actually radio waves too high to actually hear. I also wonder if there are more out there we haven't discovered yet. And, for instance, if every voice and...
  5. Gummi27

    Earplugs in Public - Safety vs Comfort

    Hello. To set the many scenes: A friend wants to go into Sam Goody, but there is a television set ringing at such a high frequency it is unbearable to enter. Another day, I suggest going to an arcade attached to the hotel I'm staying at with a friend, but as I approach the room I can tell one...
  6. Sportster

    Audio Patterns?

    . . .
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