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Are you "picky" with food?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • Not at all

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Sometimes / with some things

    Votes: 7 41.2%

  • Total voters

As sweet as-pie

Well-Known Member
I've always been really picky with food. If I don't crave something specifically and then I eat it, I'll feel sick and never be able to eat it again. (No exaggeration.) If someone makes me a sandwich and it's incorrectly cut or the fillings are in the wrong order, I can't eat it. (certain sandwiches have to be rectangular, some have to be triangular, some in 2, others in 4.)
My favourite food is pasta, if the sauce becomes lukewarm and the cheese doesn't melt exactly right, it makes me feel physically sick. Even if there's nothing wrong with it, the texture makes me gag and puts me off it. I've had meltdowns before due to the wrong meal being made. (different sauce or cheese etcetc)

I've recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and I've read that changing your diet can help.
I'm not doing anything too drastic, just cutting out high carb and sugar foods. I didn't realise how much my diet relied on carbohydrates until now. I started the diet on monday and have only been eating new foods since. They're all pretty nice but because I didn't crave them before I ate them, it's freaking me out. (How can I crave it if I've never had it before, obviously). It's making me really upset and I feel almost homesick for the comfort of my usual food. Tonight's dinner is yet another new meal and I'm dreading it. It's really destroying my appetite. I know I'll get used to it but it's really hard! I'm thinking of phasing it in slowly, so tomorrow I'll eat some things I'm used to.

In a broad sense, I'll eat a lot of different things, I'm not fussy in an exclusionary way, things just have to be correct and specifically what's in my head and what I'm expecting at the exact right time. ;):D(I'm pretty sure I have synesthesia because if I think about a food, I can literally taste it - which doesn't help the cravings!!)

TL DR Is anyone else here extremely particular with food?
I remember when I went on my first ketogenic diet, I got the "low-carb flu." That was awful. After what seemed like an eternity, it passed for me and I'm sure it will for you, too. Stay strong. You can do it!
I'm very picky with food, for instance I won't eat ANYTHING green! Annoyingly though, if you go in a Pub for a meal and ask for Scampi and chips, NO Salad or Peas, some places can't resist and put little bits of Pea on the edge of the plate, puts me right off!
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I totally understand the feeling of missing food that you are used to.
I did an anti allergic dieet 3 years ago.
I always had some digisting problems in the past because I actually cant stand alot of e-numbers, pork, lactose, some spices and fruit. It is not that I dont like to eat those, but it is frustrating to actually not eat those.

But back to the topic. I can actually not stand two things in my food and that is paprika and something else wich is mostly in asian food, sadly I cant translate it now from dutch to english because I forgot what it is called even in dutch at the moment. For the rest im not a picky eater, but I need to watch out with my allergys. But I can never refuse food that other people made. I think it is because im raised with an italian dad, with the norm (from italy but also alot of places in europe as well) that refusing food is disrespectfull. I actually eat untill I feel sick, wich is not good ofcourse but the thought of being disrespectfull haunts me too much. Even tho iknow if any one will refuse my food, that I will not think of them being disrespectfull at all.
I’m not really picky but I can’t stand eating roast pork or pork chops,the taste and smell is horrible but I will eat smoked pork like bacon and ham because it alters the smell and taste,but when I was a kid I hated sandwiches with a passion and refused to eat them and though I will sometimes eat them now I’m still a bit picky about what goes on them and I usually don’t like butter on the sandwiches if there is other things on it like Vegemite because it mixes with butter and tastes terrible.
I am a terrible eater. I am in official medical malnutrition . I have to see a nutritionist so I can learn to live on a liquid diet and not die. I don't have an E.D., I just hate food.
I have been a vegetarian since 1996, although this probably isn't related to being autistic.

What is probably related to autism however is that I've hated particular foods to the extent that they absolutely disgust me and it's been very difficult to override even though I know it's illogical. One of the worst examples that has lasted for many years was I could only eat one particular brand of butter. Any other butter or spread would absolutely disgust me so much that I couldn't even touch it and it would literally make me wretch if I for instance smelt it on toast. When I still lived with my parents I became very obsessive over it and always insisted on watching my Mum carefully segregate a separate area when using anything else since she insisted on continuing to use a lower fat spread for my Dad and 2 lower functioning autistic brothers, if she as much as used the same knife I wouldn't be-able to eat my food at all. The obsession became so stupid that I even started reading ingredient lists and started rejecting anything with butter in it. Even now I struggle to eat butter or spread, unlike back then I can do it if I have to, but the feeling of disgust is still there and I'd much rather eat toast plain than use butter on it. There is still just one particular spread I can use without feeling this way, but strangely it's not the same one as when I was younger. I know it's ridiculous and totally illogical, but I still can't totally override it.

Apart from a few issues like the above and being vegetarian I can eat a variety of foods, although unlike most other people I am also happy to eat exactly the same thing for weeks on a trot without ever becoming sick of it. This can happen if I'm left alone, but I will specifically try to make an effort sometimes because I know a varied diet is better for me.
I'm not too picky about foods and will try new foods, if the look of them or smell don't put me off. I can't eat eggs - the smell makes me feel sick, and I can't stand the texture. Put I can eat them in things, cakes and even things like egg fried rice - just as long as the texture is disguised and I can't smell it and it isn't runny. It's the runniness that I can't stand.
I can't eat tomatoes, either, and my parents used to criticise me because I would eat tomato sauce or ketchup, but not raw tomatoes. Well, there's a big difference between raw tomatoes and tomato sauce, both in terms of texture and in terms of taste.

Also, I can't stand any fat or grisle on meat, and meticulously cut it all out.
I can't eat tomatoes, either, and my parents used to criticise me because I would eat tomato sauce or ketchup, but not raw tomatoes. Well, there's a big difference between raw tomatoes and tomato sauce, both in terms of texture and in terms of taste.

I am the same way! Love sauce. Don't care for tomatoes.

One of the few things I liked about school lunches was the segmented tray. I didn't like having my various foods touch. But I got over that. Still, I'll go on "I only eat 5 things" stretches, especially if I do all the cooking.

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