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  1. H

    Stressed and Burnt Out

    I’m so tired, all the time. I genuinely feel like my obsessive tendencies have ruined my mental health, potentially beyond repair. I just keep repeating the same things over and over again in my mind and it’s happening almost daily, I just can’t take this anymore. At first I was mainly...
  2. T

    Missouri Study Weighs in on use of Propranolol (Blood Pressure) for the Presentation of Anxiety w/in Young Adults w/ ASD

    Background: I wanted to post this here in case it could assist anyone in any conversations with medical professionals. Dr. Temple Grandin has noted in the recent video I taped at her office at Colorado State University about ways she has opined activities of daily life can assist in making the...
  3. N

    The first time I am going out for more than an afternoon with friends

    Hey! So in a nutshell, my friend group consisting of 9 people that I met while playing Final Fantasy 14, are coming from all sorts of places to visit a city near me. I have agreed to go because it is close. Now, I have never done anything like this in my life and I am beyond terrified. I'm...
  4. Arsinoe

    2nd driving lesson

    I managed to place my legs correctly over the pedals so I'd properly switch between the accelerator and clutch pedal. Even learned how to do it faster..but just when I was getting used to that, the teacher wanted to teach me how to do the 'stop' procedure with the brake. Good Lord, ofc it went...
  5. Arsinoe

    Your favorite comfort food/beverage?

    I love coffee. I'm addicted to it but fortunately I never go over 3 coffees per day and 3 is the maximum. However I can't go a day without my coffee cup. I'm so far up into it at this point that I don't even notice the 'nerves' thing. In fact I drink it to even calm myself down from my anxiety...
  6. H

    How can I stop catastrophizing?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and it’s about something I’ve been struggling with for a while. right now I’m a bit lost on what to do and would like some help with my problem. For the last couple of years I have delved into some unsavoury things regarding politics, generally terrible...
  7. A

    A young girl with Autism seeking support

    Hey everyone, My name is Irsa in my twenties who's navigating life with autism. I've always believed in the power of community and connection, which is why I've decided to reach out here on Autism Forum. Living with autism has its unique challenges, and I'm sure many of you can relate. I'm...
  8. T

    Coping with work socially

    I find it really difficult in work when people start coming in and I'm serving them and taking orders. I read into every facial expression and feel very hyperaware of peoples moods. I automatically jump to thinking somethings wrong with me or something I've done if they look angry or have a...
  9. Cassielyn


    There is a thing in psychology called, “synchronicity.” it is a sin, nature and Carl Jung, famous psychologist, who worked with Freud, but didn’t agree with him coined the term I meant, and fell in love with an Aspie. He was by far the best thing that ever happened to me, and then he suddenly...
  10. Mr Alligator

    Anxiety at the start of annual leave

    It sucks. Break up from work for two weeks. Already anxious about all the work I’ll come back to (Helpdesk tickets assigned to me whilst on leave, various emails from various people, tasks that are outstanding on my projects, etc). Urgh. Considered cancelling some of the leave, but I...
  11. tripleU

    (SERIOUS) Expelled from School?

    Hello, I don't know where to start but I took a month of holidays from school, and meanwhile, the people who bullied me spread so much rumors about me and when I went back, they all did a rude welcome to me and were taunting and looking at me weirdly, and thought I would poke them with my pen...
  12. Aleya

    Tips on How To Handle Small Changes

    I need some tips on how to calm myself down. My brothers love to cancel and reschedule plans and I feel like exploding. Can you please share some tips on what you do in these situations to calm down? Thank you in advance :)
  13. D

    AP Class Help

    There’s only a few weeks until the AP tests. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m already authorized for extra time, but I’m scared it won’t be enough. The multiple choice will be fine. I’m good at that. I know the content. But the essays are the problem. I don’t know how to zone in on them...
  14. W

    Autism or social anxiety, inexperience and selective mutism

    Very curious to know if my experience sounds autistic or if I’m reaching. An acquaintance asked if I was (he recognized part of himself) and my best friend asked me this as well. I always thought they said this bc they confused my social anxiety for it (which is the only diagnosis I have) but...
  15. Patsy

    Beginning of My Journey

    Hi Everyone, I'm not entirely sure how to begin this post, but I feel like my journey is just beginning. My entire life I have felt different and haven't really been able to pinpoint exactly why. I've struggled socially since I was a child, never sure how to interact with people in a "normal"...
  16. Chameleon In Recovery

    Late/missed diagnosis- Identity Crisis ( Hi )

    Hi Everyone, I’m new here & am really happy to find a group to connect in that isn’t Facebook or Twitter. Social media tends to get too overwhelming for me. I usually stay off of it for 60-80% of the year. I just turned 32 and have had quite a dark ride in this lifetime. I have been...
  17. Izzy5487

    So stressed all the time

    Hey guys! Im 99% sure I have both adhd and asd but I have way too much anxiety to even think of seeing a diagnosis! I’ve recently gotten my first job since I was 15 which I got fired from for being rude and “arguing” and mom really stressed I hate where I work most of the time, I have no idea...
  18. C

    Shared experiences for musical about autism?

    For the last few years I have been writing and developing a musical about my experiences of being autistic. I am at the stage of editing the current version, and I really want to know about some other people's experiences to make it as realistic and relatable as possible. Can anyone tell me any...
  19. Y

    Please help me deal with my anxieties about moving and graduating from college

    I just graduated college today and am preparing to go on a road trip from Connecticut to my new home in Florida. There are so many anxieties and fears I have about this that I don't know what to do about them. I'm scared of going to a new place. All but one of my friends are back in Connecticut...
  20. Ikarus Diary

    New Fulfilling Experience

    Hi. Today gave me the chance to experience a very satisfying morning that I wish it would always be this calm and relaxing. As always, I went to class, taking the bus. Surprisingly, it was cooling outside due to yesterday's storms, so I felt my body slightly shivering. Once inside, the...
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