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  1. Jenisautistic


    Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a few updates. I'm on my 3rd rotation in this program called Project SEARCH. The first rotation I did was pharmacy where I checked expiration dates assembled Narcan kits and labeled things like syringes. On my second rotation, I had Medical Library i...
  2. T

    Documenting Airport-Based Special Needs Resources in Wisconsin

    As Founder & CEO of TravelingWiki.com: Wiki for Autism Resources at U.S. Airports (Integrating GenAI Expertise for Special Needs Community from MIT/Princeton/Google; Endorsed by Dan Rather Profiled Rep. Wayne Ford; Published in 50+ Media Outlets & Internationally via Apple Podcasts; Now Hiring...
  3. T

    Autism Resources in Spanish via TravelingWiki.com

    My Autism Non-Profit - TravelingWiki.com: Wiki for Autism Resources at U.S. Airports (Integrating GenAI Expertise for Special Needs Community from MIT/Princeton/Google; Endorsed by Dan Rather Profiled Rep. Wayne Ford; Published in 50+ Media Outlets & Internationally via Apple Podcasts; Now...
  4. T

    TravelingWiki Engagement with Autism Practice/Policy Leadership; Advice Requested

    As TravelingWiki.com seeks to continue attempts to augment access to air travel for the Autism, ALS, Dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other communities (with non-visible disabilities), TravelingWiki will be meeting with at least one Autism Society CEO (over the next few weeks) and a...
  5. T

    Missouri Study Weighs in on use of Propranolol (Blood Pressure) for the Presentation of Anxiety w/in Young Adults w/ ASD

    Background: I wanted to post this here in case it could assist anyone in any conversations with medical professionals. Dr. Temple Grandin has noted in the recent video I taped at her office at Colorado State University about ways she has opined activities of daily life can assist in making the...
  6. T

    Autism Parenting Guidance Video by Dr. Temple Grandin (to Prepare For Air Travel)

    My Autism Aviation Non-Profit - TravelingWiki - is attempting to showcase differing opinions to attempt to enable more access to air travel. To be clear, the goal is not to denote one opinion as better than any other opinion - the goal is to facilitate a discussion. The world renowned Dr. Temple...
  7. blue_bird

    A symptom of Neurodiversity or something else?

    Let me first state that I am not officially diagnosed and only merely brought up the subject of autism once to which I was told by a psychiatrist that I was too intelligent and articulate to be autistic. It seems unlikely that I'll be considered on the spectrum since where I stay only people...
  8. Arsinoe

    Once again I avoided a fatal accident :/

    So today I was walking on outside and as I was passing by the electricity services building, I got distracted by a pigeon sitting on top of a cable, kinda staring at it and nearly got hit by a car that was coming out of the building's inner parking lot. Apparently I neither heard any noises from...
  9. Arsinoe

    2nd driving lesson

    I managed to place my legs correctly over the pedals so I'd properly switch between the accelerator and clutch pedal. Even learned how to do it faster..but just when I was getting used to that, the teacher wanted to teach me how to do the 'stop' procedure with the brake. Good Lord, ofc it went...
  10. Arsinoe

    Why did the term 'Asperger' stop being used so much? What's wrong with it?

    A general question because I just don't understand what went wrong with the term and some people don't like using it anymore? Why is it better to say for ex. ''autism 1- 2''etc..instead?
  11. Arsinoe

    Forgetting foods in the fridge??

    This may sound ridiculous but I've ALWAYS had it and was wondering if this is a symptom that might come up frequently or just a 'me' thing. I legit can't have lots of food stored because I will end up forgetting to cook and eat most of them and they end up rotting and/or molding. Aside from 2-3...
  12. Arsinoe

    Driving lessons torture

    Hi to everyone :) So I've suspected for years that I'm on the spectrum, I have no official diagnosis yet, I just know that I ''click'' on all those autistic trait boxes and every year that passes, it becomes more and more noticable in my daily life..especially as I get more responsibilities and...
  13. rickinboca


    I'm Richard but my father's "greatest generation" friends always wanted to call me Dick, as in "Dick Nixon," so now I use it as an online moniker. My superpower is my ability focus on a single task and to complete it on-time, on-budget, and with a high degree of accuracy. When I was already...
  14. Nieos


    I am 24 and I am looking for diagnosed males with Autism to be freinds with. Only message me if you have Autism and no other comorbid things. I have a lot of interests, so we will be able to have discussions.
  15. Squidkan

    Indian males with Autism

    I need to talk to Indian males with Autism. I am unsure where to find them, but I am in London and would like to meet up. I am also looking for Indian male housemates/flatmates who have Autism and live in London, or want to live in London.
  16. Jenisautistic

    How do you prevent overcrowding of your home?

    I have a lot of trouble finding a balance between owning stuff like using stuff and trying to figure out what to donate. as well as trying to keep organized. I also have difficulty with shopping sometimes especially with food cause I’m terrible at predicting how much food we need and I usually...
  17. M

    How to help my mom with results of my diagnosis?

    Hey guys! I'm 21 years old girl and got diagnosed with autism in November. I was getting ready for diagnosis for almost 6 months until I decided to finally risk. As therapist said, I don't fit in all traits and I seem to be neurotypical, yet she also said that I'm in the spectrum, but because of...
  18. v4169sgr


    Just a quick intro post. I was diagnosed through a work-sponsored scheme last August after prevaricating for five+ years because I didn't like the idea of being labelled or pigeon-holed, and because work up to that point had been pretty hostile to the idea. Needless to say it's a night and day...
  19. Sand

    People diagnosed with autism only

    I need to interact with Autistic people. If you have been diagnosed with only autism and no comorbid things like adhd or something message me I want to be freinds. And you need to be sure you don't have any comorbid things, don't message me if you're suspecting other things. I have a lot of...
  20. A

    Going randomly non verbal

    OK so, at school today during my first period I went extremely non verbal, and haven't been able to talk. I don't know what happened, but I just started to silently break down and I realized that I couldn't physically bring myself to talk. I've said a total of like 15 words since classes...
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