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Perhaps you have heard of impossible questions, I am not sure that is the correct term but I don't really care LOL
"If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it does it still make a sound"

So, I wonder if we have any questions that could be considered impossible and if so is anybody willing to have a crack at answering them ; ]

So you pose an impossible question and the next post answers and puts up one of their own...

There are no answers that are wrong or lame, because the question is impossible

As an example, and to start us of; If a monkey was given a loaded bazooka, would it actually need to fire it to get more or even the most, bananas
(a bit silly but then, that's just how I roll yeah)
Actually, sound is produced by vibrations, so even if nobody's there to hear it, there is sound. :geek:

My impossible question: How many pieces of belly button lint does it take to produce a life-sized sculpture of the Great Wall of China?
Sure! Sometimes dirt and lint get caught in the navel . . . though I guess if somebody has an "outie," there's less likelihood of it collecting grime. (Disgusting, I know. But this was the first impossible question that popped into my head.)
My impossible question: How many pieces of belly button lint does it take to produce a life-sized sculpture of the Great Wall of China?
Based on figures I found on the internet, I'd say around 2.879316653 x 10 to the power of 14
Disclaimer: its gonna take a lot more than this as each time the wind blows...

What question will I ask?
Who cares?


Paddington Bear would like this.
My answer and my question are the same.
Paddington likes value.
Who cares?
Probably depends who is asking.

Can one intentionally drive oneself completely insane to the point of absolutely no insight?
[actually a question the BF and I like to explore now and again... just through conversation. No actual experimentation, to be clear on that. :D]
Yes. Use drugs. Or quit eating.
Or.....get a job at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Would music be better if people lived forever?
Well, based on the premise that we tend to evolve in a positive way through time... Yes, but we should take into account that the more music you listen to, the more picky you are. My estimation is no, music would be perceived as it is now.

Is the life you perceive when you are awake more real than your dreams or deliriums?
I got a bad grade in Eng. Lit. in high school for taking the stance that they were equally real.
I should have offered some definition of reality.
That would have improved the premise.

What was the meaning of Captain Kirk's last words?
"It was....fun" "oh my"

It depends on the context in which "meaning" is sought. I can only ever "assume" an inferred meaning through imposing my beliefs and nebulas reasoning to the question posed, thereby diminishing any true, fixed meaning. Any answer I may propose as a solution will only ever reveal my truths and move further and further away from the initial question, this may provide an opportunity for epiphany and self reflection but never an ultimate answer.

I believe Captain kirk was aware of this paradox and in his last moments revealed one of many the universes mysterious fundamental truths. Hmmmm After examining Jim Kirks collected works I am of the opinion that many spiritual truths are revealed through his actions and teachings. I am hereby opening the First Star fleet Church of Kirkology.

What is the Meaning of Meaning?

Is time real, or is it just something we made up to help us understand things? And if it is real, what is the definition of it?
The fundamental reality of time is an illusion.
There is no time like the present...

What is the most important universal question?
Last edited:
So...the answer to the question: What is the most important universal question? is "How."

And Poster #16 poses the Question: Why?

Answer =
A. Because
B. Why not?
Depends on the circumstances.

What is the exact total of the number of Universal Questions?
Logically there would be a sound if a tree feel. Keep in mind that it's a trick question. In my opinion someone would have to be there to interpret that the vibrations was the sound of a falling tree.

A fox kind of sounds like an owl. So if you wanted an absolute answer beyond any doubt my answer would be no. Not enough information provided.
Previous poster answered OP's question.
Is there anybody who will take a crack at the question posed in Post #17?

What is the exact total of the number of Universal Questions?
Three fewer than the number of Universal Answers.

Was the universe created last Thursday morning at 09:27am, along with our 'memories' of what came 'before'?

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