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Feb 27, 2015
Jul 4, 2012
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Well-Known Member, from QC,Canada

Soup was last seen:
Feb 27, 2015
    1. Pella
      Miss you.
      1. Rocco and wyverary like this.
    2. Nolan1971
      Soup I want your thoughts as a teacher I know they don't teach common core (educational blasphemy) in Canada
      but what are your feelings about it? I want to teach but the idea of teaching that garbage makes me sick
      1. Rocco likes this.
    3. Butterfly_Lady
      I miss you so much my aspie mom but I know the change in the page layout has been hard to get used to for me and was even worse for you. I hope to see you again soon and that all is well for you with how your parents are right now.
      1. Rocco likes this.
    4. Nolan1971
      I hope I in no way lost your friendship Soup after my many annoying posts
    5. Nolan1971
      Hope all is well Soup we miss hearing from you. Hope the new layout dosen't have you stressed.
      Hope you have a great Sunday
      1. Rocco likes this.
    6. Nolan1971
      Anything I can do to prove myself and get experience under my belt while waiting?
    7. Nolan1971
      Soup I am seriously looking in to the Early Childhood Education course I'm waiting for Santa Fe
      to call me back to learn about it. Since I'm not officially diagnosed should I say anything?
      Any advice?
    8. Soup
      Sounds like a mean-spirited & vindictive jerk! Did he ever explain his decision or apologize? Probably not.
    9. Nolan1971
      You got that right! Sad example: my father in-law bought us cruise tickets and when we asked his help
      instead to pay rent since we were nearing eviction he let them expire rather than help his own daughter
    10. Soup
      What a shame. So much good can be done by an ethical, sensible & compassionate person with the material means to make it happen. A good example is Jimmy Carter & his magnificent work with Habitat for Humanity. He has helped many poor people to become home owners. Those people you list were probably rotten beforehand. TH money just permitted them to really act out on their rottenness.
    11. Nolan1971
      I agree it is a choice if it will corrupt or bless your true nature. :)
      Sadly my examples let it make them worse ex in-laws,relatives,etc but that was their fault completely.
    12. Nolan1971
      The problem then is everyone with money I have met only made them more selfish
      It is the worldly notion that money measures a persons worth that disgusts me
      I am glad you met the opposite
    13. Nolan1971
      She has already given me those titles (VBF & family) I just did not fully appreciate it!:)
    14. Nolan1971
      Soup even though most of it may have been said many times by others do you think I should mention
      the ways (list) I have been able to tame my depression and other symptoms?
    15. Fluttershy
      I just wanted to let you know, whenever I see a post of yours I find it incredibly relevant and I find myself nodding to every word. So although I don't know you, thanks for being such an intelligent person.
    16. Geordie
      Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy the turkey and nice hot stuff you'll make :)

      Hope the red font warms us all a little :)
    17. Sparticus
      Soup you have the best advice here! Thanks for your patience, kindness and humor!
    18. Nolan1971
      I love bright colorful decor that reminds me of nature especially my favorite animals
      I can't be with nature as much as I like so I bring it to me.:)
    19. Soup
      I did. I loafed around & slacked off for a change.
    20. wyverary
      I wish I'd gotten to say this earlier, but happy birthday! I hope you got some fun out of it. :cool:

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    Diagnosis Status:
    Aspergers Syndrome - Self Diagnosed
    Coloured pencils, coloured markers, crayons, paper, watercolour pencils.


    AS score: 145/200
    NT score: 52/200
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