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  1. Jenisautistic

    Disassociation and reality

    Hi everyone, have you ever tried to zone out of a dissociative state and felt confused or overwhelmed or even scared Have you ever not want to come out of that state and stay in your own ideas and imagination. Or even get locked in the past and daydreaming about it sometimes
  2. Jenisautistic

    Has anyone seen this?

  3. Jenisautistic

    Middle of the night thoughts

    Hey everyone, just wanted these videos of some random thoughts I had during the middle of the night
  4. Jenisautistic

    For those that have been in the mental health system what changes would you make?

    Next month is mental health awareness month Hello everyone a while ago, I made a video about what I believe could be changed in the mental health system, mainly in the hospital, but I would like to hear your thoughts as well and things that should be rights versus privileges or something like...
  5. kityoume

    what is your relationship with your family?

    What feelings do you have for your relatives? I feel affection only for my mother, and the rest of the relatives feel almost like strangers to me, but at the same time I feel the fear that if I do not communicate with them, I will be left without potential help from them. for a long time I...
  6. Valya81

    A Paint Splattered Life

    This blog is a collection of writings and poems from my past and present. I think putting them in some order may help myself see the ebb and flow of my life. Maybe something will resonate with you too. I haven't kept up with a blog for very long, so I'm not making any promises to myself or you...
  7. Eric Greenland

    NT -vs- ASD thoughts

    NT -vs- ASD thoughts: I have come to think of NT logical thought as a circle. A 2D shape. Any logical point of view from a NT mind can be placed on this 2D circle for any given problem/topic with the center being a perfectly balanced point of view. This 2D shape is locked in place tho. The...
  8. OnyxM

    Thoughts on ABA?

    Greetings! I recently got to read some very interesting stuff on the so called 'ABA' method of 'therapy' and most of it has been negative..and from what I saw..understandably so. Most recent article was this one: An Adult Autistic Woman Breaks Down the Insidious Trauma Caused By ABA in a...
  9. ryan1205

    I yearn for those days

    I yearn for those days of my teen years. 2016 was a turning point. I had friends I could count on. It all fell apart in an instance. I miss that girl I would always talk to every day. The only person I ever truly fell in love with. Only she never felt the same. We stayed friends until it all...
  10. Catholic Thoughts

    Catholic Thoughts

    So this is the blog where I'll be posting my Catholic thoughts and meditations, I'll try to avoid being too preachy in it, but I do intent to remain Faithful to the Church's teachings in what I disclose in this blog and I nonetheless, will be praying for all who read my posts. I dedicate &...
  11. M

    Replacing Unhelpful Beliefs with More Accurate and Helpful Beliefs

    INTRODUCTION Your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and others influences your emotions and how you feel. Negative or inaccurate beliefs can make you feel worse, make bad decisions, avoid people, and result in depression or anxiety. Learning to form more accurate and helpful beliefs can help...
  12. Jenisautistic

    Alexithymia video I found on YouTube

    Does anyone have this I think I might have this I can never tell how I’m feeling I’m just basically in the moment all the time It’s very difficult for me to explain things in detail as well as to describe feelings And my memory is pretty bad Most of the time I get only talk or even...
  13. ConqueringZero44

    Freezing and Advice..

    I've been freezing quite alot when there's too many people around me, i don't know why.. I don't know how. And i always have to fight myself to keep moving. My legs will sometimes freeze, my mind goes numb. Shopping is extremely difficult and i try and avoid the same people twice as i worry i'll...
  14. Daydreamer

    The conversations I'll probably never have.

    Do you ever think about having a conversation with someone repeatedly, even though it is unlikely that this conversation will ever occur? I do. Sometimes I'll daydream about it randomly. The same situation, the same conversation over and over. I might even get sick of it, but can't seem to...
  15. ConqueringZero44

    Driving and Me.

    So, i got my license a couple years ago. The theory tests were easy, most theory is. Depending, on a person's level of understanding, but anyway. That's beside the point. When i did my test, it took me till the fifth attempt to be able to get it. I was always jealous of people who could pass on...
  16. ConqueringZero44


    Thoughts about my life if they come up, and if they don't. Life, love, loss, anything. This will be written maybe(?) if i can muster up a thought. And maybe you will find it engaging! Thank you!
  17. Daydreamer

    I Can't Describe Directions Even When I Know Where Something Is.

    Sometimes a lost stranger will stop and ask me for directions. I often dread this. Especially when they ask me about a place that I know well, because it's even more frustrating when I can't provide instructions. If they'd allow, I could easily physically guide them there. We could walk...
  18. ainely

    #2 - Zero life.

    There is an italian song that says '' is there something you really care about? that makes you really happy?'' I can't answer or rather- I would be able to answer but my ''thing'' is a person that isn't a part of my life anymore and I don't know how good it can be to believe that people are...
  19. Daydreamer

    Some thoughts on various Autism quizzes.

    I know that they are just random tests on the internet, and shouldn't be taken too seriously on their own, however I do have some thoughts on the matter that I'd like to share. First off all, some of the questions I've seen on a few of them are downright bizarre, for example "Are you attracted...
  20. barappo32

    Approaching the end of the holidays...

    In New Zealand, students get 2 weeks off every 10 or 11 weeks. Right now it's around 1 PM on Friday, the 12th of October, AKA the third to last day of the 2 week holiday. I found myself missing school for all of the holidays, which is unusual to say the least. I don't dislike school. My teachers...
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