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  1. M

    How to deal with college pressure while parenting

    Hello, apologise in advanced if this is the wrong thread, I am still trying to figure out navigating this site. There is so much wonderful threads and information, but unfortunately it's a little too much for my brain to handle in a short time Anyway, I have 2 weeks left of college.. Well two...
  2. S

    Hello! Research Study

    Hello everyone, I am an undergraduate student at University in the United Kingdom. I am completing my final year and in order to complete my study I am required to undertake some research. I have chosen to research autism, and I am looking for parents who have a child with autism in the United...
  3. O

    23, not diagnosed yet but 99.99% sure I'm autistic

    Just some random stuff about me: I'm currently doing an undergrad accounting degree and working as a customer service staff/supervisor at a grocery store. I had severe alcohol problems in the past but I am 5 months sober and very committed to an alcohol-free life. I'm excited to join this forum...
  4. Ikarus Diary

    Life Isn't a Romantic Movie

    Hi. Long time without posting. I started classes again. After 5 years being unable to stay in a class with people of my age, I tried again. And the experience is being incredible so far. I've met incredible people, we support each other constantly. We even did a small party on Saturday and it...
  5. L

    Autism and University/College

    Hi everyone, my name is Leah and I am currently studying Product Design at university. As part of this I am researching the social, attitudinal and/or physical barriers autistic people may face at university or college. I am hoping to create an app which will help eliminate or reduce some of...
  6. Douglas Thompson

    What is it like to be a college student?

    Hey, I'm a college student who is trying to complete my degree. I'm doing a study about other college students with Asperger's, HFAD, or some other type of ASD. I'm having a hard time getting enough participants for the study because I am overwhelmed and get really anxious when I try to ask...
  7. Daydreamer

    What advice would you give to someone looking for a job?

    In particular in the design industry, but more general advice is welcome. Once had an interview and got stumped on one question in particular. "What has been your greatest sacrifice in life so far?" Surprisingly deep question for an unpaid internship position, it threw me off completely and I...
  8. A

    Please help me. Last year of IB now

    Hi, my name is Albert I'm 18 years old, and was diagnosed back in May, which is quite a late diagnosis. I am currently attending my 6th school, in the fifth country I'm living in, and am currently in my last year of IB. I did redo a year of IB as I had switched schools. The last one was...
  9. Emzical

    University students- young adult aspies

    Hi I'm looking to meet university students or people of that age. I was only diagnosed this year through my university and I would love to meet some students coping with it. Some of my family have it and I'm incredibly lucky in that respect to be so understood. However, I haven't befriended any...
  10. Nemo


    Up front: This has nothing to do with my aspergers. I'm posting it here because I know that most of you are smarter than me and maybe you knew/know the lingo better than I do. Also because you guys are nicer about everything than everyone else. Anyways, I have an extension essay on a novel. It...
  11. T

    Entry 2 - 'Should I smile because we're friends? Or should I cry because that's all we'll ever be?'

    So second year. I came back, wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I moved into a house of 8, which has been definitely an experience to start with. I came back not just to get my degree, but to see her. I had a weird growth spurt over the summer – which at 19 years old, shouldn’t really happen...
  12. T

    Entry 1 - 'I have a hopeless crush on someone I stand no chance with.'

    I came to university in September 2015, and if there was one thing I wasn't expecting, it was to meet the perfect girl for me. She loves football, video games, The 1975, near enough the same things. She is incredibly pretty, and just her smile makes me feel funny. She's always on my mind and I...
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