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social skills

  1. musicallessness

    Sensing others on spectrum

    I have denying my spectrum abilities because I don't understand but today at the bus I had to ask. He a lot younger and doesn't like to accept this gift. Why is this? Why does it seem people with disabilities are like second rate citizens? How do we have social skills but this takes time? Most...
  2. furkandorum

    About People

    Being around other people scare me, tire me, make me feel really overwhelmed. I don't like them, i can't feel like myself when i'm not alone. But i feel like i do need close relationships. And the other contradiction is that i do have one or two close friend but i don't want to talk them about...
  3. S

    Making Friends

    I have no friends. I am 17 years old. When I interact with the autistic community, I feel welcomed, accepted, and appreciated. It seems that with time, I can make friends in the autistic community, but I cannot make any NT friends. In the past, I have tried to make friends, but I struggle. I do...
  4. Gerald Wilgus

    Is this you?

    Something like this was me in spades. One weekend a very nice girl called me up to ask questions about genetics. Did I pick up my book to go to her house to study? Noooooo. I just rattled off the answers. It took me years to recognize what happened. I still facepalm about that to this day...
  5. fern_77

    Being Friendly

    When I am at school and I am walking down the hallways sometimes teachers will see me and say hello to me and then I will feel like I have to say hello back because I know that is what is expected of me and it is annoying because I do not want to talk to teachers in the hallway. There are also...
  6. ABA Under The Microscope: Part 1: Introduction

    ABA Under The Microscope: Part 1: Introduction

    *Trigger Warning!* As my planned Novena to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary for Autism Awareness and many other Autistic issues approaches, I have been considering adding an ending of ABA Treatment to the list of petitions in this Rosary Novena. But before I do, I want to take a closer look at ABA...
  7. G

    Do you space-out when discussing detailed things in conversations?

    When you are in a conversation and you engage in social skills like eye-contact and facial expressions, do you space-out you are asking a question, answering a question, explaining something or the like? What I mean is, when you are communicating something to another person, do you stop making...
  8. Nummulite

    Very polite, but unable to connect

    (I'm not diagnosed, still awaiting assessment) My partner is on the spectrum, and he's a very talkative, expressive person (hammy, even). He often runs into problems at work or in daily life with people seeing him as obnoxious or rude when he doesn't mean to be. I've seen that this is a problem...
  9. Sabrina

    The Invention of Lying

    Hi! I watched a movie that I think all aspies should see. It's called The Invention of Lying. It takes place in a fantasy world where everybody tells the truth, and suddenly a guy realizes that he can lie, and that it is very powerful! I am 47-yrs-old, but only up until I was 40 I realized...
  10. G

    Body Language skills

    Awhile ago on here, someone mentioned the importance of body language in social skills. I want to learn more about it and the importance of it for an Aspie. I'm hoping do be more independent this year, and I'll need to have good social skills in order to live that independent life. So please...
  11. Skittlebisquit

    Take turns talking

    There is a rhythm to it that I don't understand. This rhythm seems to vary or rather the speed of it does. Sometimes I get it right, mostly I don't. Is she interrupting me when I am speaking or am I talking wrong? Did I repeat myself yet again (like for clarity) because I do that a lot. I can't...
  12. G

    Freezing-up when socializing?

    I've both experienced, and heard of other Aspies, freezing up when in a socially foreign situation. How common is that? A few days ago, I was talking with my girlfriend on Zoom, and I wanted to open up and be more confident with her but I ended up being more timid in my conversation with her...
  13. G

    How would an Aspie fair with Copywriting and Advertising?

    I'm about to start some gigs on fiverr, and in addition to content writing gigs, I'm thinking of starting up an easy advertising gig, (pamphlet making or the like) and perhaps even a copywriting one. I've recently heard that simple advertising gigs are an easy way for a beginner to make money on...
  14. M

    Replacing Unhelpful Beliefs with More Accurate and Helpful Beliefs

    INTRODUCTION Your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and others influences your emotions and how you feel. Negative or inaccurate beliefs can make you feel worse, make bad decisions, avoid people, and result in depression or anxiety. Learning to form more accurate and helpful beliefs can help...
  15. AnnMoss

    Attracted to those who hurt you psychologically?

    I wonder if it's easier for "our kind" to be taken advantage of by abusive people than others? I am often not a very good judge of character because "compellingly interesting puzzle-human" is usually what makes a person stand out to me, and people who are clinically narcissistic and sociopathic...
  16. Pinkie B

    How do you cope in the outside world?

    I love hanging out here because I can finally compare notes with other people who share the same kinds of daily struggles that I do. I used to keep a blog where I would document various techniques that I had come up with for coping with the abundance of Life Maintenance Activities that always...
  17. Clueless in Canada

    Empathy and ASD

    Whether or not alexithymia is part of an individual's autism package, I frequently see it stated that one of the many autism traits is "Difficulty understanding others' feelings." I puzzle over this and what it means. I have difficulty reading others' feelings but I can understand them if they...
  18. M

    Autistic Females.

    Autism in Females One in 68 children in the U.S. is affected by autism—but new research suggests that current diagnostic methods overlook girls, meaning even more kids may be on the spectrum. Behavioral and preliminary neuroimaging findings suggest autism manifests differently in girls...
  19. 10PurpleHippopotamuses

    Getting a long-term job

    I was born and raised in the same house I currently live within, and I was home-schooled for my entire life. Unfortunately, I didn't officially graduate, because of my states laws on home-schooling. There was an option for me to go to public school for a year, which would allow me to graduate...
  20. S

    Favorite people

    I'm sure some of you've heard this bipolar term before favorite people you got people you like and you got people you dislike like with kids I like really smart kids that I can have intelligent conversations with I don't like kids who are rude and bratty have no home training that's...
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