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  1. Don't want to be touched

    Don't want to be touched

    A camel asserts its physical boundaries.
  2. Leo Zed

    Emotional Sensitivity in ASDs

    Since I am relatively new to understanding ASDs, I am wondering if it is normal for those of us who have Asperger’s to be (extremely) emotionally sensitive, especially when “negative” remarks (not necessarily criticism) are being made to us. I have been battling severe depression for a few...
  3. H

    Using pressure to alleviate sensory overload

    Hi, I am a fourth-year product design student on the autism spectrum who attends the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. I would like to talk to people also on the autism spectrum who have utilized pressure to alleviate sensory overload. Specifically, I am interested in how...
  4. T

    Questionnaire survey: Playground for children on the spectrum

    Hello, all. I am new here. I am a female architect and a master's student from Germany and I am writing my master thesis. My thesis topic is 'designing playground for children with autism'. For research purposes, I want to conduct a questionnaire survey. I was looking for some online places...
  5. G

    What's an Aspie's intuition like?

    Our emotions and sensitivity tend be quite different from that of an NT, it makes me wonder, what is our intuition like? How does it compare with the intuition of an NT? Sometimes I have to rely on my intuition a lot because I overthink things.
  6. Daydreamer

    How quickly do your eyes adjust?

    I've noticed that I can easily go between dark environments and light ones. People thought I was a little strange (along with other reasons) as a result back in secondary / high school. I remember on several occasions sitting in a classroom after watching a long presentation or a movie and the...
  7. AHClemist

    Eye contact between aspies: does it feel different?

    I want to pose this question separately from the general eye contact post in the other thread. I'm very curious what you guys think. Because I absolutely loathe confrontation, I am generally almost hyperaware of the people around me. I get overwhelmed by the emotions of others very easily...
  8. Daydreamer

    How good are your senses?

    I am fairly hypersensitive, with hearing being the most sensitive and touch/pain is the least. My sense of smell is also fairly overactive, and there are certain foods that I cannot be around because of this. I have subtle ways of coping with my sensitivity such as adding water to fizzy...
  9. D

    Influenced by the weather?

    Hello everyone! Are Aspies more prone to feel effects from weather change? I've always seemed to be especially sensitive about these things, from sudden weather changes to the atmospheric pressure. I have very different amounts of energy depending on the weather. Winter is the toughest, I also...
  10. Aspie_rin

    Trick for sensory sentitivities makes things worse

    Hey, so I'm kinda sensitive to lights and sound. Before I even learned that I was (I touhght everyone perceived things the same way I did) and decided to do something about it, these things would just make me feel really tired. Now I sarted wearing earplugs and sunglasses and it's amazing, I'm...
  11. J

    Do carbonated drinks hurt? Like, a lot?

    Every time I drink soda, or even a slurpee from 7-11, my tongue and throat BURN as soon as any little bubbles touch it. If I have a lot I can feel it hours later, like I scratched my throat really bad. I barely touched the tip of my tongue to soda recently and I shrieked and covered my mouth...
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