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  1. apolloidolsice

    intense bullying?

    did anyone else get bullied extremely bad? I have been a social outcast my entire life and only after starting work at one of those "rehab"-esque workplaces that have diagnosed kids, troubled gang-member kids, and kids who have no grades at all. I have memories of being chased by a group of kids...
  2. Novachels

    Autism Novel Writing Research

    Hello, I am writing a novel primarily on autism and have reached a few parts in my book where I require the personal experiences of those with autism, which I will detail a little more down below. For context, I live in the UK, and after receiving my diagnosis of autism as a teenager, I had no...
  3. jane_doe

    People making fun of me

    So today I had a disaster im now sure what to do. I was having a sensory overload today in learning support and someone secretly got a video of me panicking and sent it to some other students. The video is just a few seconds of me rocking back and forth with my jacket over my head while curled...
  4. tripleU

    (SERIOUS) Expelled from School?

    Hello, I don't know where to start but I took a month of holidays from school, and meanwhile, the people who bullied me spread so much rumors about me and when I went back, they all did a rude welcome to me and were taunting and looking at me weirdly, and thought I would poke them with my pen...
  5. tripleU

    Some people actually like food?

    Some people like food? They are very easy to bribe with just food. They force me to be happy from food like them, and in school they eat it crazily like animals. Why? They are okay with spending their whole income on it and then take photos of it, that are disgusting to look at. Food for me is...
  6. Jenisautistic

    Has anyone here had private or School tutoring

    If you had tutoring in your lives,what was it like and how did you feel about it? was there any other training like tutoring stuff you did like maybe therapies like PT or OT or speech? I don't remember too much about speech therapy but I do remember having a seit I remember having speech therapy...
  7. Stuttermabolur

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    The question isn't well worded, but basically, I am wondering about what "play" behaviour you exhibited as children which was atypical: More specifically, what activities did your peers perform but you didn't care about at all? I am mainly thinking about ages 10 and under. When I was a kid, I...
  8. fern_77

    Making a Friend

    There is this girl at my school who has been talking to me a bit lately. A few weeks ago she said that my outfit looked cute, and after we were done working on our project in math today, she asked if she could take a picture with me. I said yes and she explained that it was to show her mom (we...
  9. fern_77

    i sent an email to my principal about autism acceptance month

  10. Mars26

    Mean people

    A few months ago, an unforgivable thing happened to me, my ex-friends decided to ostracize me, lie about me, persuaded my toxic ex to be against me. However, I will not write about it because I already did it. The point is that they organized our college group integration on Friday and invited...
  11. Amy Stone

    My Blog

    Personal thoughts on what is going on in my head as a self-diagnosed, middle aged Aspie trying to navigate life.
  12. Sab

    grief around disability

    Hey everyone, I hope you are holding up okay during the pandemic. I wanted to share about something and am curious about any shared-experience or insight. I started a new program in school full time last September, after many years of not attending school in person (I finished a college...
  13. 4gottenLoreKali

    Does anyone else here actually ENJOY some social interaction? [Warning: A NOVEL]

    OK, I know this thread is gonna seriously call my "Aspie cred" into question, and in some people's opinions, may even disqualify me from being on the spectrum altogether. But ever since I was diagnosed in 5th grade and started researching this enigmatic condition more thoroughly, I've gravitated...
  14. rachel_ruien

    Thinking about switching career to graphic design

    I've finally decided I'm not cut out to be a high school teacher. The silver lining of all this social distancing is that I've realized just how stressful the classroom environment is for me. The constant interactions with students and other staff members were really taxing my health. After...
  15. S

    10 Year Old Aspie Son is Freaked out by Makeup

    Not sure where else to post this correct me if I'm wrong. My son is ten years old and in fourth grade. He has high functioning aspergers and tends to get upset easily at seemingly random things. One thing that makes him particularly unnerved is people wearing makeup. I used to wear a full face...
  16. Jenisautistic

    hi again i feel so disconnected and i miss my life

    hey everyone I really feel like I messed up big time I just Facebooked my friend from my old high school I guess I was really desperate this doesn't sound right but I was hurt as I menciend when my friend moved away and I felt friendless and so alone because we again lived in the same...
  17. Mars26

    New friends and my naive approach

    I started College this fall and I found a lot of new friends there. It was nice at beginning but later was getting harder. My parents always kept telling me that when someone do something not nice to me and later is again nice it's means that they regret but they aren't brave enough to admit...
  18. Canismajoris

    What have you studied?

    Just wondering: what have you studied? How did it go? How long it took? Did you graduate? I find this interesting as some ASD people are good in school and others not. I personally am pretty good as long as I am motivated. If not... the exact opposite. Personally am Bachelor of Arts (cinema...
  19. catdog55616


    So, I went to the dentist today after a while. Being in the chair reminded me of an earlier time I went, when I was about 6 or 7, I believe. When the dentist was taking X-Rays, the bite-down bit hurt so much I cried, and wouldn't let them put it back in. It still hurts! And, come to find out, I...
  20. BrokenBoy

    I wish I was good enough for him.

    Ok at school I see a counselor and he's probably the coolest person in school. He's smart, cultured and wise. He's an old man and from what I can tell, seen many things, gone a lot of places and all sorts of people. If it wasn't obvious enough, I admire all of these qualities and unlike, with...
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