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  1. Jorg

    I was scammed today...and I feel so dumb

    As the title says...I was scammed, seriously, Im an electronic engineer, I was always suspicious and didn't trust almost anything... In the afternoon I received a call from my bank, as I had saved the number in my phone I answered. They said they were calling from Fraud department, someone...
  2. Jamila

    Wrapped up in the middle of a staring crowd

    When I feel overstimulated, I feel like a bat trying to enjoy something but then, I feel that my feelings are just getting worse and worse until I just bundle into my wings and start to cry but keep my crying private. People are near me, they are looking at me, people are staring into a part...
  3. A

    My aspergers boyfriend is behaving distant

    Me and my boyfriend with aspergers had a fight because I did not respond to his messages fast enough when I was out with a friend. He deleted every message he sent and we didn't talk for 2 weeks, so I messaged him again and I went crazy because he ignored my texts. I knew he was angry but he...
  4. Jenisautistic

    hi again i feel so disconnected and i miss my life

    hey everyone I really feel like I messed up big time I just Facebooked my friend from my old high school I guess I was really desperate this doesn't sound right but I was hurt as I menciend when my friend moved away and I felt friendless and so alone because we again lived in the same...
  5. S

    Lost girl of my dreams due to Aspergers. PLEASE HELP!

    im 18, im a male. i have aspergers and it haunts my life every single day. this is the first time i am reaching out to someone for my problems, of any kind. i need help. i have been dating this girl for 4 months. she is the most gorgeous girl ive ever seen. she lives and works both right next...
  6. D

    Ever feel stuck?

    Hello! It's been raining for a long while now, no sun and no opportunities to go to the forest and recharge. These days, it's been so hard to do anything. I have to really push myself to do the bare minimum I set out for myself. Eventually I end up in front of the laptop, just zoning out for a...
  7. Mary Anne

    Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide At Age 61

    Anthony Bourdain found dead “by hanging” in a hotel room. I am extremely saddened by this breaking news. He was a wonderful, world reknown tv show host and food/travel writer. He had a lifestyle many millions admired and envied.- traveling all around the world to exotic places eating and...
  8. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Allowing myself to feel sadness

    I was a bad mom last night and this morning. My fuse was very short and I got exasperated at the most menial things. They’re kids, for crying out loud, what’s wrong with me? I know what’s wrong. I saw the ex yesterday, after weeks of not seeing him, and he didn’t even turn the his head to...
  9. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Crying with the city lights

    Tonight I feel lonely. I'm out here in my balcony, with a stunning view of the city at night. Usually I would have enjoyed it. But tonight I feel so lonely. I love being alone, when I want to be alone. That is a lot more frequent than it is for most people. I like to write, read, travel, eat...
  10. aquariuskevin


    Drowning in tears again today the sadness and emptiness of yesterday flood gates of rain still appear running down my faces as beautiful tears...
  11. aquariuskevin

    Dark clouds of sadness tears fall once again

    Dark clouds of sadness tears fall as rain shadow of lonelyness relationship over once again what happened to love the truth and honesty a friends name used as lie to start the end for me three and half years happines just gone down the drain sun was shining now turned to black clouds and rain...
  12. Jorg

    Making others feel better

    Altough it may seem weird for the classic aspie stereotype, sometimes when I see people sad or having a bad time I feel the urge to make them feel better. I don't know if it is because I have had a lot of experience feeling depressed or you know how we aspies can be. I have some friends and as...
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