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  1. SacredHeart


    Has anyone watched Atypical??? If so how did you find it? Cliche Unrelatable Realistic Just genuinely interested in what others thought of it
  2. Skittlebisquit

    Dominique Fishback

    Mz Fishback performs part of "schoolgirl rap" in the net film Project Power which came out about four months ago. The rap was written and performed originally by one fantastic big beautiful american woman calls herself Chika. If you havent seen it yet its well worth watching. Mz Fishback plays...
  3. Questella

    Inside Bill's Brain - Bill Gates show on Netflix

    Anybody else watching this? I can't stop. Like I've watched it over 10x already. "Optimization"
  4. Mr Allen

    Star Trek Discovery season 2 starts end of January on Netflix!

    Topic. Starts on the 29th of January on Netflix, who's watching? I might tune in, depending what time it's on that night. I enjoyed the first series.
  5. Mr Allen

    She Ra: Princess of Power reboot on Netflix

    Anyone seen it? I've watched the first 3 episodes this week, and predictably it's rubbish compared to the 80's original, but decent in its own way.
  6. Bella Pines

    Netflix recommendation request

    I really enjoyed Star Trek discovery, I can relate to Michael Burnham, especially episode 7 when she says; "but tonight, I face one of my greatest challenges so far. Tonight, we are having ... a party". I also liked Big Bang Theory, Once, Gods of Egypt and Sherlock. Does anyone have any...
  7. Mr Allen

    Disenchantment - New animated series on Netflix from creator of The Simpsons

    Above. I just watched the first couple of episodes and it's quite good, the main character is pretty hot anyway. If you have Netflix, check it out. Thoughts?
  8. Mr Allen

    New Lost in Space on Netflix, anyone seen it?

    Topic. I might give it a try, they're repeating the original 60's series on the Horror Channel at the moment, and it's not bad.
  9. Mr Allen

    Yay! Star Trek DS9 is now on Netflix!

    Used to really like that show. Especially from season 4 when they brought Worf in, newly promoted to Lieutenant Commander. And then in the final season they replaced the gorgeous Terry "Jadzia Dax" Farrell with Nicole DeBoer as Ezri Dax, she was equally gorgeous and had a big chest lol. Might...
  10. Bella Pines

    CBS/Netflix show: Scorpion

    I'm a huge fan of 'odd ball' shows, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock etc. So thought that the CBS/Netflix show Scorpion sounded promising. A bunch of people with the usual personality disorders working together, I thought I might be able to relate but; <cringe!/> It's awful! Aside from improbable...
  11. Mr Allen

    Star Trek Discovery - Exclusive to Netflix

    Just watched the first 2 episodes, pretty cool. Anyone else seen them?
  12. Mr Allen

    Should I keep Netflix? 30 day trial runs out tomorrow!

    Topic. I'm already half considering keeping Amazon Prime for the 1 day deliveries at £78 a year, which I can just about afford, but should I keep Netflix for a further £5.99 a month? The reason I got it was for the new Star Trek Discovery series, which apparently doesn't start till the 24th of...
  13. Optimus

    Atypical (the tv show)

    Anyone watched the TV show Atypical? Good or bad representation of ASD?
  14. Mr Allen

    Are any of the Ghoulies movies on Netflix?

    I want to watch Ghoulies 3 and 4, but I can't be bothered to buy the DVDs on Amazon.
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