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  1. YancyyyComet9000

    My dog passed away today

    My dog passed away today. I know I should feel sad, logically thinking I know I would be and I am I guess. But I don't really feel it. Death has never really been something I fully understand I guess. The thing that's hitting hardest is knowing how much this will change now. My dog has been a...
  2. Irakus34

    This Song Is My Farewell To My Grandmother

    Hi. My grandmother passed away yesterday. And I was finalizing this song and saving it. I didn't know why I was rushing. As I could feel I didn't have any more time left. I composed it like two weeks ago, but only this week I decided to write it digitally. When I saved it, I immediately went...
  3. ConqueringZero44


    Love and Acceptance is something i cherish. Always. Now it's a different story. I've had two relationships in my life, one of them being rather intense while the other was more different. My first relationship, i met her online.. Things were going well, and we were both hooked on each other, the...
  4. onlything

    Coping with grief - or not?

    Hi there. I just got a message that one of the people I consider precious and that I have left behind, well, she died yesterday around 9 pm. However, I don't feel anything I feel I should. Before when those I considered mine left, I would be heartbroken. Then, I stopped feeling much. Still...
  5. ErinH

    Asperger's - Hard to Keep Friends

    Hi, Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Does anyone else struggle to keep friends, especially good/best friends? Since I realised I might have Asperger's, I started thinking back to all of the very good friends I have lost in my life. And I clearly have a habit of losing friends. Not...
  6. ErinH


    Hi, I'm new on here. I haven't been diagnosed with Asperger's yet, but I (and many people around me) feel that I do have this. Has anybody else had a lot of problems with friendships? I have never been able to keep close friends, and have frequently had meltdowns leading to the friend just not...
  7. aquariuskevin


    Drowning in tears again today the sadness and emptiness of yesterday flood gates of rain still appear running down my faces as beautiful tears...
  8. M

    Social Skills and other help,

    Would like people to contribute to this thread, with advice and help for others. Add anything that people might have questions about, and I'll add as well. Never know what to say when I've attended a funeral. What not to say when someone dies Even those with the best intentions might say...
  9. D

    NT seeking advice... Grief and loss

    Hi all, I'm excited to be a part of this community. My name is Dani (NT) and I have been with my boyfriend (AS) for 3 years. We have been living together for a little less than a year in a home he owns. I have been reading these forums since I found out my boyfriend has Aspergers (about a year...
  10. Anachronic Samurai

    I have trouble keeping interest in things that "I'm good"

    Hello Everyone. Like the title say I have this problem, Yesterday I presented a Java application at Uni, my teacher said "I was expecting more of you because you are good" (I passed but it still knocks in my mind because scores are irrelevant to me) because I simply don't got any interest on...
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