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  1. M

    Doing my Research Project on autism for school...

    Hey everyone I'm from Australia and in Year 12 (senior year, year 13, whatever you call the final year of secondary school in your country) we do a research project about a topic of our choice. My topic of choice is the possibility of an ethically sourced cure for autism. Note that I do not...
  2. G

    Interview my characters

    Hi, I want to post a thread where I discuss something big, it's related to my plans of becoming a homesteader, unfortunately, I can't find the time to do that. However I have found the time look up information on writing a novel, today I came across a video that among other things recommended in...
  3. Andrew206

    Disclosing Autism In Employment

    I’ve been interviewing for several jobs and have thought about disclosing my autism to the interviewer, but haven’t. I’m not sure if I should. I think I keep getting turned down for jobs because the interviewer reads my body language and notices something is off.
  4. BlueSky Aozora

    He went to an interview! Yay!

    Okay, he couldn't sleep for two nights before the interview day. That sucks, we kinda argued because I will get tired too when he's insomniac. Like, I asked him many times about how about you wear a necktie; then he said no need and said I was nagging him. But when we reached the place, he...
  5. Jenisautistic

    Concordia and updates

    Hey everyone I just wanted to give updates. I am now applying for services through OPWDD . For day habilitation as well as other services.A friend of mine he works in my recreation program helped me and my family fill out the forms.my family is going to ask them more questions before they send...
  6. P

    Realizing This About Job Interviews . . .

    As someone who is both an introvert and on the spectrum, going to job interviews can feel especially intimidating; you're competing for the same position with who knows how many other neurotypical applicants, all of which have varying strengths and degrees of experience, including satisfactory...
  7. Mr Allen

    I have an interview for a "till operator" position at the Children's Society on 28.9.18

    Topic. I originally booked the interview for next Friday at 10 AM, 21.9.18, then Mum rang and said we're going to my Brother's in London next weekend so I had to change the interview to the following week. I know it's volunteering again, and literally doesn't pay anything, but work is work.
  8. RiverSong

    Body Language and Job Interviews

    During my job search, I've noticed a pattern from the articles I'm reading about interviewing tips, prep, advice, etc. Many websites have advice on body language do's and don'ts during an interview. I thought, well, this might be interesting stuff to learn. Only to find out that a lot of my own...
  9. FlowerChild

    Where should Autism research focus in the future? What is missing from the discussion?

    Hi everyone, I've been a part of this website for a while now - I am an Autistic woman in my late-20's, and am considering which topic to research for my PhD in Social Sciences (i.e. Sociology and Diversity Studies). I think I'd like to bring a new perspective to the field of Autism research...
  10. Mr Allen

    I have an interview in Town at 4 PM tomorrow.

    For a part time position as a customer service adviser. Through an Agency so I don't know what the actual company is till tomorrow, although I ithink it's a Marketing firm. I just hope the usual scenario of the fact I can only work limited hours for a salary of just over 6 Grand a year doesn't...
  11. As sweet as-pie

    Job Interview - Anxiety about new places

    Hi all, I have my first ever job interview tomorrow. At first I was very socially anxious about it, but then I worked out which angle to go for and have been practising questions so I'm not as worried about that anymore. I'm confident that I'll be able to answer most things. Usually with...
  12. Mr Allen

    I have an interview for a "proper" job, Friday 1 PM GMT in Town

    Topic. Got an email about an hour ago on my Hotmail account from Mojico.co.uk, they want me to attend an interview based on my CV, which they have through Totaljobs.co.uk website! I think it's a sales position through an Agency, so I may or may not get it, but heck, I have an interview based on...
  13. Mr Allen

    I have an interview on Tuesday at Mind Charity shop in Town

    In 2 minds about it because last year I worked in another Mind shop in Hillsborough, Sheffield for 3 months before I resigned because they kept sending me Home early because there was nothing to do, and I'm a bit concerned same thing will happen here even though it's a City Centre branch. I did...
  14. RiverSong

    Job Interview Anxiety, Overload & Shutdown?

    I don't know if this is exactly spectrum related or not but I've always been awful at interviews. I've been on more than I can count but I just can't seem to grasp the interpersonal aspects of the interview process. Sometimes it's just a matter of me being really off, extremely nervous or...
  15. RiverSong

    Tony Attwood Answers Questions Regarding ASD

    I found a series of videos where Tony Attwood answers questions regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I think these videos were a part of an interview conducted by the organization Spazio Asperger. The videos are split up into seven parts and they're in English with Italian subtitles. The...
  16. Lena_C

    Mapping the language minefield for kids with autism

    Mapping the language minefield for kids with autism (not written by me) Going bananas. Laughing your head off. Phrases that aren’t literally true make no sense if you have autism, like Michael Barton Why do people with autism, like yourself, find the English language so confusing? Autistic...
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