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He went to an interview! Yay!

Okay, he couldn't sleep for two nights before the interview day. That sucks, we kinda argued because I will get tired too when he's insomniac.

Like, I asked him many times about how about you wear a necktie; then he said no need and said I was nagging him. But when we reached the place, he said if in his country, he will wear a necktie. I said same here too. Then he said, that's the first time he heard about that. OMG! I was getting angry, since I already suggested to him to wear necktie many times! He's angry too. Then we go back home, then the one who needs to climb the stairs, take the necktie was the pregnant me. Then he cant see clearly with only car mirror, so he went home upstairs... (if so, dont ask me to climb upstairs in the first place..)

Somebody said in the internet that finding jobs in foreign countries are hard. Especially because we dont know the culture of finding jobs in a foreign country. I think this is the reason why I feel he lacked common sense. The problem is, he will get angry or dislike it if I suggest something related to job, such as, "you need to practice" blah blah blah. He doesnt want to practice. He also doesnt want to go to language classes, but complaint that he cant speak well in english.

He always tell me he stutters. I thought he'll stutter in many kind of situation. Turns out not, thank God. He told me that in formal settings, he doesnt stutter much, because it's predictable. Only that before interviews/presentation, he cant sleep, so he'll have headache and cant perform well on the day.

But, he didnt prepare for a mock teaching.. when the interview was to hire a university senior lecturer.. he said because it was not stated in the email; other interview state it. This is what i perceived as lack of common sense but he was stubborn to get any advice. Stubborn, because he actually doesnt even want to work here.

I was actually very worried, anxious, couldnt do my job that day. I was anxious about how the interview went. But I cant ask him or the panels. I was anxious as hell, because I know nothing about it, and could only imagine the worse.

In the evening, he finally shared what he experienced during the interview. Turns out like he did well than I expected. He didnt stutter. He managed to speak (except that he's not 100% well because of insomnia). When he shared, I feel so relieved, it's not as bad as I had imagined. I thought his interview would end in 10 minutes without him managed to say anything. It's not as bad as we expected.

The biggest thing is, seems like this interview has opened his heart to go to more interviews in the future. I will be disappointed and sad if he ends up not getting this job (because it's not easy to get interview and to get him to go to one, the lost chance of improving his lifestyle through this job, the anxiousness about unemployment, uncertainty of the future). I know I shouldn't be greedy. I'm happy that at least, this motivates him a bit about going to interviews.

I hope God will give him a paid job that can enrich his life, and that he'll be happy with. People said that prayer brings miracle. I think it's true; sometimes God doesnt give us what we want, because He planned something better for us (although I'm always not patient enough to understand that).

Ahhh.. I hope he'll get the job, or a better job soon... I think he's happier when working in a place he belongs to. He goes to my workplace everyday, but it's more like voluntary job (doing his own research) without pay, except there's a colleague who paid for his professional service.

I'm very thankful to this person and other colleagues too, because he got this chance through them. They are very kind to recommend & pass his application to the higher ups. One of them appreciate his skills and another always invite him for tea and lunch. A quiet person like my husband is very lucky to have a person who keeps bugging him, lol. But when that person is busy, then my husband will have nobody talk to him much. One of the interviewers also helped him a lot during the interview. I'm very thankful to all of the people who helped us, made this interview a good experience for him, and for everything... May God bless you all. And most of all, thank you so much, God.

I still hope he gets the job (lol). Or a better job...


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