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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    Music Video Ideas

    For plenty of time I've had constant music video ideas that could become real someday, and now that is even more possible. This one's really beautiful. It's: Me and my friend doing a cover of Owl City's 'Fireflies.' When I'm on screen, the music has drums (from the drums my family has) and...
  2. M

    Something that made you happy today?

    Write about something that made you happy today, or this week or month.
  3. M

    Questions you have asked search engines?

    I found a list from fifteen years ago on a pad of paper! What is a URL? What is a constitutional monarchy? How to keep water from freezing outside? How many types of maple tree are there? Which plants have acuminate leaflets? Are violets considered zygomorphic or irregular? What questions have...
  4. M

    What kinds of things are you impressed by or admire?

    If I were to express admiration for something, it would be for music or art or nature or physical prowess or the inherent beauty in something, or an idea. What do you feel admiration for?
  5. Ylva


    The science of memetics is the study of how ideas spread. At least that's how I understand it. And for a while I thought, okay, that's cool that it's not just about lol memes, but so what? But now I think it might touch upon an important mechanism that can help us understand the allistic world...
  6. M

    Quotes for the new year,

    Your own or someone else's: We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. Edith Lovejoy Pierce "Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on." Hal Borland
  7. Renzo

    What are some "autistic problems" you need a solution for?

    Hey, I'm Renzo and I got a question for you guys. I recently started an organization called Autistic Spirits and I'm looking for some problems me & my team can solve. So go ahead and get your struggles of your chest!
  8. Bella Pines

    Are there any completer finishers here?

    I can't finish anything. At all. I started a PhD, twice. Didn't finish either of them. I started a masters degree. Never finished it. Hell I don't even finish my cups of tea, I forget about them, they go cold, I move on. I have a gazillion ideas of books that I want to write, and guess...
  9. M

    What was the last thing you made?

    Recently I've made a tool that I can use while blowing in canned styrofoam, it's used to keep the styrofoam from slipping/falling into the wrong place, where it sticks like glue. At the moment I'm making squash soup for lunch. What things have you made recently? Whether it be art, food, tools...
  10. Riley

    Horror & Creepypasta Advice/Concepts/Other

    I plan on writing horror stories. Creepypastas, to be more exact. While I do use cliches, some may be original on their own right. I need people to provide me with information. With advice. With help. Here are my planned stories: "My Daughter's Furby Won't Stop Screaming": A single parent buys...
  11. M

    Random ideas, thoughts, post them here.

    Random thought for today: While watching a horse jumping championship, had the idea that animals with jobs should be given part of the income that would have been earned in their lifetimes toward their retirements. Sled dogs, greyhounds, service dogs, drug dogs, horses that earn their owners...
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