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  1. Butterfly88

    Funny Aspie Moment Today

    I read a headline that said “Judge tried to release teen suspect in Falls Church ATM murder“. I sat there for a little while trying to figure out what kind of church has an ATM. I guess I took it too literally. I later realized Falls Church is a town. Oh well, I can laugh at myself.
  2. GrownupGirl

    Hope I die before I get old(er)

    Talkin' 'bout my g-g-generation! But seriously, I'll be 47 in only a few more months, and as if getting older wasn't bad enough, it's always "boomer" this and "boomer" that like all senior citizens are horrible now. Yesterday I even saw an Ask Reddit question about what you would do if you were...
  3. Ken S.

    Why So Serious?

    For your entertainment (Or not) I am posting a parody of "I think we're alone now" by Tommy James & The Shondells. But first the formalities. Disclaimer Due to the policies of this forum and the Moderators that STRICTLY enforce them the following parody has been rated G. There are no wrong...
  4. GrownupGirl

    The really bad advice thread

    Post some really bad advice that no one should follow, ever. It can be something really dangerous, really illegal, or just really dumb. Keep in mind that this is just for fun and entertainment and not meant to be taken seriously:;) To test boiling water to see if it's hot enough, dunk your face...
  5. Butterfly88

    Jesus is Watching You (Humor)

    A funny short clip.
  6. Diagnosed2015

    How to Propose to an Aspie -- at least, this one

    I have a PLATONIC friend in the building that I've known for almost 2 years. We have things in common, like music and computers and really strange senses of humor, he's a great cook, so we've been eating together for the whole time, etc. He's an old hippie and but there's an ounce or two of...
  7. Diagnosed2015

    My Life Is A Cartoon

    I'm lovingly sarcastic and try to find a humorous way to hide my anxiety. I answer questions regarding ASP Spectrum and Adult Support Group (in real life). I see life through the eyes of a child, unless I am forced to be an adult that day.
  8. Ameriblush

    Weird preferences about what I watch?

    I notice I don't like alot of stuff that everyone around me likes. It's hard for me to find stuff to watch these days, and it makes me feel like a stick in the mud.o_O For some reason I can't stand social commentary, satire, or anything political regarding fiction, and I can't laugh at sarcasm...
  9. tree

    Bizarre Cuisine Generator

    Generator Land: Bizarre Cuisine Generator Title: Bizarre Cuisine Generator Descriptor: Disgusting, exotic, and bizarre entrees for the world weary carnivore Button: party on Background: Burly because the pattern is delicate, as is the word "cuisine" but the name of the pattern is "burly" (a...
  10. S

    Did the girls take me literally?

    It is a rare event when I am quick on my feet with a response when it comes to this complicated thing called communication. Usually, when on the spot, words either don’t come out of my mouth or the wrong words come out. Then, I want to find a dark hole and climb in it. That’s one reason why...
  11. trvp3zoid

    Do Aspies Have A Sense of Humor?

    I'm not so sure sometimes...
  12. Ylva

    Amazing Discovery Made

    Not written by me or anything. Just thought it share-worthy. Source: https://autisticacademic.com/2016/04/29/autistic-woman-appears-to-understand-satire/
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