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  1. AutisticMilly

    Writers Here?

    Recently, I've been getting back into writing a lot. I've enjoyed writing as a hobby since I was in 3rd grade. As someone who has trouble with expressing myself verbally, writing has always been my outlet to share my feelings and ideas. Are any of you writers, and if so, what do you like to...
  2. Amy Stone

    Anxiety so bad I could throw up...

    This week I find out if I am accepted into a Radiography program at my local college. Actually, it should be today. My advisor told me a couple months ago that she would call accepted students on the 8th, "why make student's wait?!", she said. She was very chatty and seemed optimistic I would...
  3. Amy Stone

    My Blog

    Personal thoughts on what is going on in my head as a self-diagnosed, middle aged Aspie trying to navigate life.
  4. MystieNymph

    Career Support (Auditory Processing)

    Hi, I wanted to start a thread on any career support this community has for my auditory processing. I decided to join surmising that there were probably tons here with APD. I don't have Asperger's nor do I have autism. I just have this disability where I am very slow at processing language and...
  5. rachel_ruien

    Thinking about switching career to graphic design

    I've finally decided I'm not cut out to be a high school teacher. The silver lining of all this social distancing is that I've realized just how stressful the classroom environment is for me. The constant interactions with students and other staff members were really taxing my health. After...
  6. Paralleluniverse

    Almost 31 and cannot stick to a job

    Ok beautiful non NTs.. I'm a 30 y o female holding multiple academic degrees from top business schools but the fact is because I've studied for more than one masters my career has not peaked because I started proper work when I was 26 before that I had done one full time job when I was 22 just...
  7. Bolletje

    A change of scenery. Also, depression.

    Apologies all around, it has been forever since I posted last. A lot has happened in the last few months, which made me a little lax on the updates. When I last wrote, I had called in sick from my job because I couldn't cope with the ridiculous hours and bad working conditions. I took two weeks...
  8. donna_noble

    Job Interview Help

    I have been struggling to find a job for the past 4 years. I have some volunteer experience on my resume, but this job would be my first actual paying job. I would prefer to work part time, & I absolutely, definitely, DO NOT want to disclose my diagnoses to my employer. I seem to really...
  9. Bronwyn

    Advice on job?

    My 1.5 year contract comes to a end this month and its going to leave me stuck. I have college education for TV and film and then another for Business IT. (UK college). I have applied for loads of places and have been either denied or had nothing back. Its so annoying. I dont have any Uni...
  10. Ameriblush

    No more wasting time.

    Can I make my obsession with comic strip a profession? I made a post not too long ago about wanting to take my interests in drawing and cartooning seriously. I've decided I'm not going to wait anymore. I feel like I'm wasting my life worrying daily. I have a on of ideas for stories, worlds...
  11. Beguiling Orbit

    Credibility of an Official Diagnosis

    If a self-diagnosed Aspie wanted to have a career as an Asperger's advocate (i.e. be a writer, blogger and/or podcaster, or join the staff of an existing ASD advocacy organization or even start a new one) do you think that person would need to obtain an official diagnosis to be considered...
  12. Katleya

    Career quizzes: Suggestions? Reviews?

    I have taken my fair share of career and strengths quizzes over the last 6 years or so, whether in school or in the context of job interviews, and I'm sure many others here have done that too. I was thinking perhaps we could try to compile a selection for those of us who need a little...
  13. zeroninja

    Advice on Moving

    Hey, so I am seriously considering a big life change - in the form of a move to California. And was wondering what advice anyone might have on this? A brief backstory: Born back east but moved to Montana when I was just a teen, it's been quite literally batshit insane here the whole time, so...
  14. Katleya

    Reacting to feedback at work

    I just came across this blog post in my emails. It's from a website that is designed with consultants in mind, so usually the blog posts deal with issues such as management or EQ, and occasionally there comes a post with fairly practical aspects than can be used even outside that industry. I...
  15. Bolletje

    Success and struggles

    It's been a while since my last post. All has been well on the studying front, but life has been hard as well. I've made it through my internship. I spent eleven consecutive weeks in med school without calling in sick once. I got good grades, great reviews, my mentor told me he'd love to help me...
  16. 2

    Anyone work in social care/healthcare?

    I'm curios if anyone with AS have a successful career in these areas, working with people? And what are the problems you face in everyday work (or when you started)? About me: I've been a freelance musician for some years (I'm 28), but I haven't found any special niche or stable gig, so music...
  17. P

    A Sensory Career? How I've managed so far...

    In my introduction post, I mentioned that I have taken my sensory issues and made a career of them. I work on Building Sites conducting Air Permeability Testing of new buildings, for the most part, for "Part L" Energy conservation compliance. It may interest some to know how this happened, so...
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