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Anyone work in social care/healthcare?


Well-Known Member
I'm curios if anyone with AS have a successful career in these areas, working with people? And what are the problems you face in everyday work (or when you started)?

About me:
I've been a freelance musician for some years (I'm 28), but I haven't found any special niche or stable gig, so music as career is too unstable for me at current circumstances (I also received official diagnosis of AS just recently). So now I'm trying to find a more suitable job. I'm really into psychology, health and helping people in general, especially children. I like the idea of working as a music therapist, music teacher or some other position in foster care service, hospitals etc. I've been thinking I'd do well with autistic children as I might understand them better somehow. I don't have issues with understanding people's emotions/intentions, I'm rather highly sensitive to them, I just have issues with expressing my own emotions and responding accurately in certain social situations. But I'm quite sure this skill can be trained (as I've trained many other skills needed for social interaction) and that I can get better if I work with people daily. My main AS related problems are adjusting with new situations and people, which almost always cause social anxiety, feeling out of place and "shutting down". I also hate being rushed or commanded and I'm quite a perfectionist. I've learned that I don't prefer working alone, as it might be expected of someone with AS. I feel very lonely, separated and unneeded when working alone. I actually like people around me, just familiar people, not new faces every day.

Thank you!
I'm not working in that field but I am thinking about it when my situation improves. Mental health and autism really interests me and I'm great with kids. I think it would be quite therapeutic for me too.
one of my most favourite ever support staff was actually a diagnosed aspie.
she lacked independant living skills but she learnt them on the job as she had to cook/clean/help me physically and mentally with personal care etc and stop my meltdowns and challenging behavior.
the only thing she struggled with is if i was really challenging,she would back off and let my other staff deal with it [i used to be on 2-1 support up until jan this year].
ive got a staff now who i strongly suspect is aspie and ive told him so,i can spot them a mile away,hes diagnosed with OCD only but he is obvious,and he is a great support worker,he does like to waffle on a lot about stuff i havent got a clue about though but he doesnt make you feel inferior like one other staff i suspect is aspie and a narcissist.
ive always been right when ive 'armchair diagnosed' support staff before and theyve gone on to be diagnosed.

i think its great having aspies support me as they understand to an extent what its like for me so id recommend that area of job,you might have issue with the interviews though like a lot of people on the spectrum do,but a lot of care companies have service users on the interview panel and they are the ones whose views matter the most,if they get a feel for you your in [providing you have answered the form questions correctly-im a interviewer on panels for creative support and social services learning disability team].

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