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Anxiety so bad I could throw up...

By Amy Stone · Jun 8, 2021 · ·
  1. This week I find out if I am accepted into a Radiography program at my local college. Actually, it should be today. My advisor told me a couple months ago that she would call accepted students on the 8th, "why make student's wait?!", she said. She was very chatty and seemed optimistic I would get into the program, which is highly competitive and only accepts 10 students a year. Admittance is based solely on GPA, which is not weighted. I have been working really hard over the past year to take gen-ed classes and get the highest possibly grades. Bio, chem, anatomy, math, psych...I took 6 classes and I got a 4.0 in all of them. Not that it counts, but I got 98-100%. But I had a B from an English class that transferred in from a 20-year old degree. That brought my GPA to a 3.856. If someone applied and just took a Bio and Chem and got A's, they would calculate to a 4.0 which would beat me even though I had 7 courses and they only had 2. I could have retaken the English to boost that B, but I opted instead to take other required classes so I wasn't wasting money retaking a class. But now I fear I may have made a mistake.

    My once chatty advisor stopped being so chatty over the last month. This is the period that she was ranking students. The last we spoke, she said she would let me know if I made it on the 10th or 11th. Students accepted get a phone call and students not accepted into the program get a letter. Why change the date from the 8th to the 10th - 11th? My nerves calculate that is just enough time for a letter to be mailed.

    I am sick with anxiety. If I don't get accepted this year, I have to wait a whole other year and reapply. That isn't such a big deal for teens...but for someone who is over 40 it can cause a mess of problems. I have a lot riding on my career change.

    The clock ticks...

    8:30pm. No call.


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  1. VictorR
    Good luck / best wishes. Also waiting on a school decision myself.
      Amy Stone likes this.
    1. Amy Stone
      What is it for and when are you supposed to hear?
  2. LogicalMind
    You are a Wonderful person in my books ^^
      Amy Stone likes this.