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  1. slw0363

    Hi I'm Shelby and I'm an addict.

    Howdy from the great state of Oklahoma yall. My name is Shelby and I'm an autistic addict. I started a blog with the hopes to make friends. It would mean the world if you would read it and interact with me over on my blog. I'm assuming you can find that through my profile, but if you can't I can...
  2. Ikarus Diary

    New Fulfilling Experience

    Hi. Today gave me the chance to experience a very satisfying morning that I wish it would always be this calm and relaxing. As always, I went to class, taking the bus. Surprisingly, it was cooling outside due to yesterday's storms, so I felt my body slightly shivering. Once inside, the...
  3. Ame568

    feeling confused....

    I hope it's ok if I post this blog like thing. I've been doing research on autism for 3(?) years now and I relate to A LOT of what people have said that their experiences are but lately my mind has been kinda mean? It keeps telling me that I'm faking and an imposter and a hypochondriac. So much...


    My name is Michael Tanzer and I published because I thought it was important to share my story, my voice. I am an adult who has Autism. Many people with autism have a voice, but are not always “heard”. It seems as though others often speak about or of them. “MICHAELISM: My POV on Life with...
  5. Jenisautistic

    A question for autistic content creators

    hello everyone I have done a couple of blogs on neurodiversity in the past and would like to get back into writing. I sometimes would also make youtube videos and could use advice on that as well. does anyone here create blogs or other content on the internet on this topic or even in general...
  6. Jenisautistic

    I published another blog Anxiety: An Everlasting Battle

    please check it out An Autism Self-Advocate's Thoughts On Anxiety - DIFFERENT BRAINS
  7. Renzo

    Hey, I'm Renzo

    Hey, my name is Renzo and I got PDD-NOS. My autism is a pretty important thing in my life. Therefore, I even own a blog about AS(I won't put the link in this thread because I respect the forum rules). I joined this community in the hope to learn from others but also to teach others. I'm...
  8. Mr Allen

    Does anyone on here read my Blog?

    Above. There's a link to it in my signature on every post. Not for the easily offended as I do go on long swear word filled rants on it.
  9. shinkansen

    Quora - the Q & A website, ASD and ADHD blog

    After I was diagnosed with both ASD and ADHD, I wanted to find out more. Came across Quora, a social media website, where members ask and answer questions https://www.quora.com/. There are quite a few members with Aspergers and autism spectrum disorder. I'm using the Quora website to expand my...
  10. A

    Can blogs be made private?

    I have considered creating a blog, but I would want it to be private, only for members to see rather than any guests browsing the site. Just wondering :-)
  11. J


    Hello everyone. My name is Ethan and I am fifteen years old. At age two, I was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism. I have had many troubles in my life. But, I have also realized the special and unique gift I have. About a month ago, I started a blog called The Journey Through Autism. This...
  12. Ylva

    Legally blonde and autistic

    Came across this tumblr post:
  13. Mr Allen

    Online Blog sites? Preferably free?

    Does anyone know any good ones? Up to about 10 years ago I had a Blog on Livejournal.com but it got hacked by idiots from a rival forum, and I haven't been able to use it since. I just need a Blog to write out thoughts and feelings online which are too personal to post on here or my Facebook...
  14. M

    What Does It Mean To Have Asperger Syndrome?

    Blog by Lynne Soraya Asperger's Diary What is this Asperger's Syndrome, anyway? As I alluded to in my previous post, Neurological Disorder or Natural Diversity?, after many years of knowing that I was different, I finally learned why when I read Wired Magazine (link is external) (The Geek...
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