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  1. tripleU

    Can't use Blender

    Hello, I can't use Blender. How? Someone got too angry, see this thread Create a bad camera effect in Cycles? for context, he just got angry and went away. Why is the Blender community so toxic. How do I bring him back? Help me!
  2. The Autistic Warrior


    Hi I need to talk to someone about my autism and ADD because I feel really bad right now. I don't want to generate empathy, because I think that's childish, but I'm very angry right now, because I've just been kicked out of someone's life for the umpteenth time in my life. I am now so angry that...
  3. Angie97797


    So like I have been having a really terrible week. The reason is that my friend told me a secret months ago, and just last week she was accusing me of saying bad stuff to one of my friends because they said something that was vaguely similar. I didn’t say anything, Istg it was a complete...
  4. Jorg

    I hate feeling angry/evil

    I didn't find a related thread to post this, but I guess here I go. I just hate to feel angry or evil, even when I'm standing for something. Today was enrollment day in my college, there are 2 days and I'm most of the time schedueled to enroll on 2nd day. As many of other students I sometimes...
  5. Autistamatic

    Empathy and YOUR feelings as an AS person

    I'm asking for your opinions of how your experience of empathy - i.e. how the feelings of others affect you, makes you feel inside. The first video I did on the empathy topic covered how empathy can work for us, the second I'm currently working on talks about how and why we may be incorrectly...
  6. Jorg

    I'm sooo tired of trying to study at home or being at it.

    While I'm writing this I just feel so so so...tired, I haven't slept good in weeks and I'm starting to feel stressed, angry, frustrated... I'm taking 5 classes this semester, they're harder than I thought and while I know I could be successful in them I can't feel comfortable at home. In first...
  7. Ameriblush

    "People have it worse than you."

    I recently had a falling out with one of my family members regarding what I went though growing up with my mother(who suffers from bipolar disorder and depression that she won't get sorted out.) I had been beaten, neglected, malnourished, and verbally abused by her growing up until my pre-teen...
  8. Ameriblush

    I almost got lost in New York City, because...

    TL;DR : I traveled with other young adults (early 20s) my age, and got ditched in Times Square--I traveled with older folk in their 40s and had the time of my life. Linked to AS? ...I recently realized why people with Aspergers might do better with people older or younger than them, rather than...
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