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I'm sooo tired of trying to study at home or being at it.


Well-Known Member
While I'm writing this I just feel so so so...tired, I haven't slept good in weeks and I'm starting to feel stressed, angry, frustrated...

I'm taking 5 classes this semester, they're harder than I thought and while I know I could be successful in them I can't feel comfortable at home. In first place, and since several months ago, maybe years, I can't focus studyng in my room, because of myself and mostly because my bedroom is right besides the kitchen and my family constantly spends their time there talking. In the morning my mother is doing chores, at afternoon and some night she cooks and then my brothers and father go lunch/ get dinner at different times and the talking just continues, even when they know I'm studying and try to talk low and soft I keep hear them.

In second place, since like a month ago my brother return living at our house but he came with a 5month puppy who constantly cries for attention and annoys my other older dog which keeps barking loud (an adult Golden Retriever), even in early morning hours!. My bedroom also shares a wall with the garden where the dogs are and 6 out 7 days I get waken by barks at 4:30am, 6am, 7am. All this when I go to bed at 1 or 2 am after trying to study.

So, since I started semester I decided to wake up early and go to my university's library, I sometimes start there around 7:30-8:00am and spend all they there but this schedule is starting to kill me, I'm feeling annoyed, frustrated, tired...

Sure I could try to use headphones or earphones while I study but I don't like to feel isolated from the environment, I sometimes read outloud so I could learn better.

Even on weekends I can't rest, the head of my bed is against a wall and in the other side is a laundry machine and I get awaken by that.

I don't know what to do, I sometimes feel like crying, like just want to tell them to shut up and leave me alone, I need total silence but even now that they already now I need silence it just doesn't matter. If I had the money I would rent an appartment for myself but not even that.
That is tough. Are there any other bedrooms in the house you could try to swap with someone? A quieter location? Maybe you need to sit down with mother and have a serious talk- point out that the noise is really interfering with your ability to focus on your work and get it done and that it will be wasting the money paid for school if there's no solution which will allow you to succeed in school.
I go with LucyPurrs on this, for that is what I thought too. Ie asking if you can swap a room just for the duration of your exams?

I listened to a fantastic talk not so long ago and one part says that if you find yourself in a situation that you cannot do much about; think of ways to around the issue in hand.

An example was given where a wife was diagnosed with cancer and so, husband and wife decided to have at least one day a week where they would not talk about cancer and in the end, they said they had many "cancer free" days.

Also, just another thought to ponder on. Too much study can kill or deaden those "little grey cells".

I can be in the middle of a cross stitch and came across an error and no matter where I am looking, I cannot find the error and get frustrated to the point of a meltdown. Then, I make a firm decision to walk away and do something else and then, go back and guess what? It doesn't take me too long to find the error and rectify it.
Family conference. I think you need to sit down with your family membes and work out some arrangement with them, because this is affecting your studies and it isn't fair. You could agree to have 'quiet hours' - certain times of the day where members agree to keep things as quiet as possible.
Also, look into the idea of earplugs again. Try to accustomise yourself to them slowly. Experiment with different brands - not all of them block out the environment entirely. Unfortunately, the only way to get quiet in the house might be to get used to using these, because you can ask family members to be quiet, but you can't ask dogs to do the same.
Welp, I could rest for a couple of days last week since I had all week off because of holidays. Nevertheless, the rest was a waste of time and patience. I tried to study but the environment was not the ideal and my body sleep schedule is just horrible and torned apart.

On thursday I cleaned my room and moved my bed the farthest I could from the patio, not much, a couple of meters. I had to moved the desk to the wall shared with the patio.

I haven't had so much rest or like peace this days, the dogs barking, the catholic masses for easter, which this year passed in front of my house with loud prayers, loud drums from the "roman army" (community "actors" which play Jesus last days, etc..). Yesterday was another chaotic day, since there were presidential elections in my country there was like a party in the streets, loud music, a lot of people, and guess what, the vote center was located a block from my house so...nice.

Today I fall sleep at around 3:30am just to be waken at 6am by the smallest dog crying, then back to bed and woke up at 11am. These kind of patterns are the ones are killing me, I could be asleep but I don't really rest, is just like suspended animation.

I've tried to study today but I've been dealing with headache, even when I took a pill in the afternook it hasn't worked and now I feel like my brain is being torn right in the middle or like a big nail being hammered in my head.

Idk, I want to go to bed and rest, go early, (most of the time I go to bed at 11pm or 00:00, I need like a vacation from my family. Luckily I have an appointment with my therapist on wednesday.
Fun fact: I went to sleep early, like 8:30pm (just after I posted the above post), and fell almost inmediatly, wake up at 5:45am and I felt like a new person, not tired at all, not hating everything around me XD.
What a good sleep night does hehehe

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