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Birthday wishes

The office I worked at regularly posts the birthday wishes for the staffs in the chat group.
But they always overlooked my birthday but not other people.

I don't want to celebrate birthday except with my family - it's the same as any other day, except maybe we buy cake and pizzas (NTs in western lifestyle would roast me about not taking birthdays seriously) though.

So it's fine if they don't wish me. But feel a bit sad when other got wishes except for me, especially people who has birthdates near mine. I know I'm disgusting here for not wanting to celebrate birthdays but envious when others get wishes lol. Like, did they deliberately skipped my birthday? Did I ever mentioned to anybody at office "Please please dont wish my birthday"? Or how they know other people's birthday but not me? Did they check our info, or just from other people's mouth? If the latter then no wonder.

Not having any wishes is nice - kinda don't want office people know my privacy.

So I ended up not wishing them, except for people I'm comfortable with - for those people, I genuinely feel like wishing them.

Sometimes when i read that NTs take birthdays seriously, doing their best to celebrate other people's birthday, I feel I'm so crap for not doing that. I'm really bad at organizing stuffs like that, not collaborative, and feel like it's not that important... I feel bad for being like this.

But yes, celebrating birthday in small simple party - literally simple, not much burden: just buy a cake and pizzas, celebrate casually with only family - is enjoyable. We get to eat delicious cake and food occasionally, seeing family members that we care smile, that's nice. Not much burden to my family and me, nobody get extra tired except for buying cake/pizzas - which can be ordered online, and everybody wash their own dishes. So, nice.


My 21st was spent on the floor of an Army barracks, with an exam the next day. My 65th and 66th were under lockdown. It's only an approximate marker of time passing, anyway, and we even got Christmas wrong - it's all in the AD -. CE renaming. Essentially, as far as we can tell, Christ was likely born sometime in July 7BCE. So you're not alone. Now Queen Elizabeth has two birthdays. Her mum was Scottish. They're a phlegmatic race.
Lewis Carroll had a different idea, a Happy Unbirthday.

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