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Blog list

This the blog dedicated to Claritas, now a tiny prayer group, but hopefully something more in the future. (Claritas Prayer Group)
Welcome, all, to whatever this is! Here I'll be tending to ramble on about my various interests, hobbies (things like board games, drones, VR, and so on), or whatever other nonsense occurs to me. Apparently, some people like reading this stuff. Cant imagine why. Inside of this, you'll find...
Latest entry: Board game stuffs #2: One of the best of them,
A blog for all the thoughts I need to put somewhere. Topics: Autism, My current special interests, Happenings in my life
Latest entry: I'm doing what I can and I think that's ok,
I recently joined this forum after getting a formal ASD diagnosis of my long suspected Asperger's. One reason I waited is I didn't want to feel like an imposter. One reason I joined was I was hoping to find a group of people with whom I would find it easier to communicate. Alas, it appears that...
Latest entry: Alexithymia,
Hi, everyone! My name is Pierre. I’m 30 years old. I live in Sweden, and English is my second language. I had a hard time with writing in school, but now it’s a special interest. I make a lot of mistakes when I text because I type and send too quickly, but I take more time on essays that I...
Latest entry: My Vacation - Prague,
Time is just a marker of change. So as time goes on as does change. Can you stop time? So stop fighting change. There is no “sink or swim” Both end to the same fate. The best way to figure things out is to wait Float on top of the water Let your body’s natural buoyancy keep you afloat You...
Latest entry: Singing for the moon,
Sometimes I write poetry, stream of consciousness, free verse etc. I thought I might post some of it here. It's not the best poetry in the world but that seems like quite the lofty goal. Comment if you want or just read.
Latest entry: Thoughts on all the changing,
Amy Stone
Personal thoughts on what is going on in my head as a self-diagnosed, middle aged Aspie trying to navigate life.
Latest entry: I got in...,
I’m autistic. I have anxiety issues and ADHD. I make art and music. I’m a mother. I’m recently single… and I’m trying to figure out what I want and what I need for the first time in my life. Really, I’m just looking for someone who understands me… but who isn’t?
Latest entry: That old familiar feeling...,
How many of you were abused as a child? How many still suffer from the abuse so many years ago.? How do you deal with it? Children should be loved and given support. I never felt love till I was twenty five and it came from another family. I have PTSD and still deal with the abuse. I am...
Latest entry: What goes through the mind of a child abuser?,
Hi! This is my attempt to record our journey through asperger. My spouse is a self-diagnosed asperger, and i am.. Not sure. Maybe i'm asperger too, but maybe not.
Latest entry: Being on Both Sides - Enlightening,
A cache for frequently repeated resources. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
Latest entry: The Church & Mental Illness...,
This blog is intended to cover topics that are sometimes considered sensitive to mainstream readers. (Please be assured that it will never be my intent to offend.) It is my hope that I shall encounter positive and productive feedback regarding my own thoughts and understanding of what it is to...
Latest entry: Reassessing the Paradigms,
This is how I learned to not be afraid of going out on my own, sometimes I still feel a bit of fear doing new things or going to new places, but by following some coping methods I've learned how to not be so nervous and gained more of my own independence.
Latest entry: Been Learning A Lot. Part 1.,
My lifes work, largely digital photography of models made to describe concepts related to G.U.T. Contains mostly original artwork, and uses glare, refraction and reflection to create unusual images in mixed media. Principle components are 3 panes round plate glass 1/8" x 33" diameter, 3 panes...
Latest entry: Mysterium Trifecta Ordinalis,
Hi all i am a female with a formal diagnosis of asperspers be that a late one at 40 years old, i have struggled and continued to do so with the N/T perspective of life, having chosen to a cer to accept and prehaps to a degree be conditioned by my depressive needing mother ,and the uk formal...
Latest entry: Taking a break,
Join me in my journey of self-exploration, in which I attempt to release the notion that my value is based on what society sees me as, and try to train myself to remember that I am worth loving, even if that is just self-love. I desire to focus on myself for a year, even though I know my person...
Latest entry: Day 15: a new day,
Writing some words that might not be acceptable or agreeable by people around me. Maybe I can't understand what they say/said neither.
Latest entry: Recently,
Witterings, nonsense and wonderings. Somewhere to empty my head anonymously. Somewhere to practice what I want to say but usually don't and just think these things silently, of course somethings are probably better left unsaid but it's not like I can always determine which 'things' are those.
Latest entry: In just 12 months.,
A day in the life of a hybrid high functioning autistic man. Since some people can relate to my struggles here are the good, bad, and ugly moments I deal with. I can make anyone laugh without even trying its a blessing and a curse because it hides my pain.
Latest entry: Preparing for another onslaught of stressors,
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