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Freya's day! 12.11.21

By the time the darkness of the night enveloped the little slow light left, taken over and proved its dominance over light and to prove again that light is not the fastest thing, to quote the brilliant Sir Terry Pratchett:

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.”

As the darkness progressed into full-fledged night, the very noisy moving picture box constituted an execution with extreme prejudice as the sandman approached my dwelling
The cosy softness of my bunk were calling, I heard it, crept in and waited for the sandman.
It took him some time to reach me, and I realized why, the bugger was utterly munted.

Think the sandman lost his bag midway through his inebriation, filled his pockets with some weird looking gravel that he could have found somewhere in the dungeon dimensions.
In his altered state, thee sandman pulled a fistful of this stuff out of his pocket, threw it in my face, mumbled something along the lines of 'sleep now'.

The stained slurry voice struggled with the words, stumbling over them like someone stuck in a small furniture whorehouse and the light switch is hidden in a parallel universe.

After a sloshed sandman left through a window, one that was not opened first, I tried to let the dark envelop me instead, this never happened. Rest it seemed was not to be achieved with a drunk sandman around.

With a curious evening over, the morning light sneaking its way around the curtains, giving a warm morning welcome. Reminding me that today, finally, it's Freya's day!

Last day of the past five leeks, and closer to Yule.
With a good ride this morning to graft on Sleipnir, I need not call on the gods to strike down any of the malicious taxis.
Starting the day of work gone as normal, with a lunchtime feast that would not even make a can of beans look bad.
In the process of masticating my mini lunch feast, a call to help one of the Luddites with the usual computer troubles. Simple set up, easy work.

With the dis-organiser set up and working, the end of work hours are almost ready for the furnace and a visit to the psychologist nears by every tick.

Getting a bit anxious about the visit, no idea why, could be that I do not really have much to say, usually don't.

There are a few reasons why I started doing these posts, and number two of those reasons is the hope that these posts could hopefully help at least one person out.

Visit At the Psychologist

The visit was, interesting.

Quick re-hash of the previous session and a talk about happiness. One thing that came up is that I'm clearly not happy at current working space, a vocation change is needed. I require more space, open areas, not be stuck in a city.

I have to get out, do something almost every day of the week, e.g. go for a walk on the beach, go to a game night and so forth. Something I was suggested to use is the "Meet Up" app to help with this.

Got back into the thought processes of everyday life and trying to stop the 'bad' thoughts. Not as easy as you might think. Like telling someone not to think of a pink elephant, and it's all that person can think about. Psychologist was talking about the 5 Second Rule.

Video below from Mel Robbins:

Something that I'll start doing, and hopefully it's something that might help someone else.

Next thing we were talking about was something called 'Wheel Of Life' a little exercise I have to do as 'homework' have not really looked at it as yet.

Last thing I can share is to do a 16-personality test. It's a free test, and the psychologist is saying that it's very similar to the one they use in the psychology profession.

After taking the test, my personality results are that I'm a Logistician.

Finally, a video link she sent me to go have a look at, something about Being Confident.

You also might want to go give this a listen, podcast called 'Hidden Brain' the episode is called "Where Happiness Hides"


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