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  1. Egoistical people

    Maybe it's just my personality, but I tend to think too much and I fail to see others' effects. I did not know that others, in their own hearts, also want a slice of the pie. In this case, how can I work with many people with their own egos? When all we need is followers, we have a plenty lot of people who just wants to lead in their way. I feel even more alienated in the process. Deep in my vicious heart, I wished I can do things all over again and just set up a dictatorship, so that...
  2. Unfairness I'd say

    It's simply unfair that I had not been appreciated for what I had did. I had been doing thankless jobs, I had been trying to think the possibilities of doing things the most efficient way that will sustain them as far as they can, yet it's unfair to see me being under-appreciated for any good that I had done. As you can see, I try to keep a patchwork of diverse elements together through some things that are not so well-understood by others. I even attracted scorn even by understanding...
  3. New Style/Theme

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to point out that members can now choose between a selection of five different styles/themes. To do so, see the drop-down menu at the very bottom of the forums. Once you make your selection, it will be remembered the next time you log in. The new themes consist of simple background design changes only. Currently, the default theme has been changed temporarily to help alert members to this new feature. Hope everyone likes it and more themes may be added in the future.
  4. Feature Guide

    Hey everyone, Just want to give a quick overview of some changes and additions to AspiesCentral.com. Last Update: 10 June 2010. Navigation Additional navigation menu can be found under the search box on every page. This navigation changes when browsing blogs and displays different links. What's New The What's New feature lists all posts and new threads since your last visit to the forums. It is very useful and worth checking out. Who's Online addition. The Who's Online box at the bottom...
  5. First Post (original name)

    Hey, this is my first post, probably my last as most blogs go. I had my Drama and Theater studied exam today which was horrible and meant that I had to spend all of yesterday evening reading a play that I should have read weeks ago. It was noisy at home so I decided to walk for half an hour and go and sit in a field. I really enjoyed sitting there in the sun but as soon as dusk came, I began getting attacked by everything with 6 legs (and some with 8). I lost count of how many times I got...
  6. Updates on my day

    (1) I am now a college student! I am very happy now. I am satisfied with everything on my school but I am just concerned with the small campus (in size) with almost no facilities except a psychology clinic that I can book consultations for free. I will feel bored! But maybe I can catch up on books, or come to this forum more often to chill. Haha (2) At the same time, I am thinking of winding down my activities in non-academic and non-career areas - they had not served me well in the past...
  7. Enrolling in College today yay

    I will enroll myself in James Cook University Singapore today, majoring in Psychology. I can't wait to be a student and I am really excited, as I am happy to delve more into exploring myself at a personal level using a new and cool way - while reading more books that will 'wow' me. :)
  8. Meet superboyian.

    Hey all, I'm superboyian from many various places and it is my task to help create this site and keep it running. Together, me and Calvert came up with the ideas how we started building the site from the pictures, the themes, the logo's etc. I have been diagnosed with mild autism at 7 years of age and been educated at special ed for a long while before I eventually got intelligent and started moving on to college. I'm into alot of forums, gaming (when I feel the urge to *which seems...
  9. New features and some changes.

    Hey everyone, Just want to give a quick overview of some changes and additions to AspiesCentral.com. Who's Online addition. The Who's Online box at the bottom will now display members that have posted within the last 24 hours. Main Page addition. The main page (homepage) of the forums will now display the total number of threads and posts for each forum. It will also display the last thread that was posted in and the time of the last post. Member Photo Albums. Member...
  10. hey

    I guess I will say that I like meeting new people i like to take walks, i take pictues and write plays and stories and write music
  11. Hello

    Hello. This is my first blog post here on Aspies Central. :) My interests include: Watching my beloved Toons play football (even though I am born and bred in Singapore), reading and slacking. I am really happy to be here and have fun!
  12. Meet Calvert!

    Hello, My name is Calvert and I am one of two admins tasked with running Aspies Central. It will be my job to make sure this place runs smoothly and grows big. I am officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, getting my diagnoses a few years ago. Some of my interests include: computers, website development, forums, gaming, swimming, photography, being outside, listening to music (almost any type) and much more. People see me as being a geniunely nice guy, but I must warn you not...