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What video game are you currently playing?

Final Fantasy VII Remake. I read a couple articles before its release that this game let's you choose on of the four languages for the characters to speak: English, Japanese, French, and German.

After the game's release, the German voice option is omitted, at least in North America. What I find this strange is no one's talking about it. Why is that? :emojiconfused:
Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Home. I got all the Pokemon in both the Galar Dex and the National Dex, and am challenging myself to get shinies. Normally, I'm not crazy about shinies, but after getting Pokemon Home, my OCD kicked in, and I started to collect them.
I'm replaying Deus Ex for like the billionth time, and I swear every time I play I find something new. I'm also thinking of diving into the Monster Hunter series after seeing posts on another forum I lurk praise it so much.
I have not been playing much games.
But I find Panel De Pon on switch's snes to be very relaxing. Nice music and graphics.
Replaying the Hitman franchise.


After taking a long break (like 3-4 year break), I'm finally bothering to finish Xenogears. Why the break? Two words: Babel. Tower. What an awful dungeon. Who thought it was a good idea to put a platforming challenge in a game not designed for it?
I have been stuck playing overwatch for like 5 years. It is hard for me to move on to new games. I am hopeful for the eventual completion of Dragon AGe 5 but also disappointed in EA and how they ruined Mass Effect, which i love.
Replaying the Hitman franchise.

Excellent choice. To this day even the classics are still just as fun to play as they were so many years ago. It's great.

I've been playing the series since Eidos all the way back from the beginning. Unlocked just about everything in Hitman and Hitman 2 on PC. And recently, I saw the IO Hitman 3 - Announcement Trailer. Can't wait for that one. Hitman 3 looks amazing. Much like it's recent predecessor titles.
Minecraft is my number one from 2017. Played a lot of other games in the meantime (No man's sky, Summer Athletics, many Flash games...), but minecraft remains no.1

No Man's Sky in freaking VR!!!!!! Oh yes. It's amazing. Utterly amazing.

Flying the ship though, that's an experience. I'm not used to it yet. So it's like....

"Okay, let's see... uhh.... so I pull this lever here..."

*ship takes off*

Okay, now I think I....

*run into tree, speed up*

Wait, no no no.... okay let's slow down...

*aerial backflip*


*run into tree upside down*

Trying to figure out how to use the visor also was an experience. It was basically "NO I DIDNT WANT TO USE THE JETPACK ARGH" I eventually figured out I have to actually reach back and grab a point near my shoulder to activate it.

Once you get the controls though, it is freaking incredible. I've got an all-powerful PC here, so I have all the graphics maxed out and it's silky smooth.

I gotta get my brother to try this. He loves space stuff and thinks this game is darned neat. Though I suspect that flying the ship might be a bit much for him, he's not used to VR. Still, he'd freaking love it.

Also, sentinels suddenly jumping in front of you to scan you can make you nearly jump out of your socks.
Yoku’s Island Express, working on getting all of the achievements before it leaves Game Pass on the 15th.

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