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video games

  1. XEmoCatX

    Anyone here is into Tales of Zestiria? I hope I am not alone

    You can pretty much tell by my profile pic. I played the video game and seen the anime, the characters are funny and the video game/anime made me feel better when I feel like crap and escape reality. The armatization are cool too. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't add some stuff in the...
  2. Angular Chap

    First video game you ever played?

    What was the first video game you ever played? Here's mine, Alex Kidd in Miracle World on Sega Master System 2. Alex Kidd was Sega's mascot before Sonic the Hedgehog. The game got a remake in 2021. The Sega Master Systems all had a game built in, switching the console on without a...
  3. Qoyote

    My experience with gaming

    I just wanted to vent my thoughts about this, it isn't meant to insult anyone. I've wanted to like video games for a long time. I've heard so, so much about people's memories as teens in the 90's or 2000's, falling in love with games, playing them with their friends. For those born before then...
  4. N

    Autistic Game Development Team

    We are a team of autistic people that are developing a video game. If you are interested in seeing our progress or joining us, join our discord community Join the Nikous Discord Server! don't worry if you don't have any specific skills as ideas alone are welcome.
  5. Patrick_B_1997

    Kind & Funny Video Game Lover

    Hi, everyone. My name is Patrick. I am 24 years old and I live in northwestern PA. I like video games, watching movies and watching cartoons/anime. I am also a book worm. I am looking for a friend and love with someone who understands my autism. You can talk to me if you want.
  6. UberScout

    Pretending that life is a video game

    Life is a difficult thing to live in. Its painful, annoying, aggravating and there are things that are constantly out of our control. But then there are video games, playable worlds that create their own rules and space, that we can explore and see. These worlds aren't our reality and that's...
  7. Joshua the Writer

    Concept: We Are All Actually Just Characters in a Terrible Video Game

    This game sucks. It’s pay to win, and anybody who does not start off wealthy has to grind away endlessly to survive. Also, there is permanent death, and all a lot of the non-human creatures are way stronger than you for no reason. However, if you die, you get a random chance of being either an...
  8. Joshua the Writer

    Is Autoclicker Cheating or Not?

    Using autoclicker in video games, especially when using semi-auto weapons such as handguns, is not cheating in my opinion. First off, autoclicker isn't 100% reliable. It often stutters during ram usage spikes, making the semi-auto gun seem more like it is using burst fire rather than full-auto...
  9. Rotundi

    Anybody studying videogame programming

    What is it like programming a game? Is it fun to learn? Was it your first choice for a major?
  10. Jena

    My brother yells at video games and I have a rabbit downstairs near him.

    Hi guys, so my brother is 19 (going to be 20 in july) Now since covid-19 he has been downstairs a lot at his computer playing video games with his friends via the internet. Normally I wouldn't have a issue. But he is constantly making loud sudden noises such as loud clapping, hitting his hands...
  11. BrokenBoy

    Is it possible that my ASD has something to do with this?

    My favorite video game genre is turn based role playing games. I don't care if it's a WRPG or a JRPG I just love RPG's that are turn based in general. I'm playing Dragon Quest 1 for the NES right now and its really fun. But it appears that 99.99% of the human population seems to hate turn based...
  12. Butterfly88

    Stardew Valley

    Anyone play Stardew Valley? I do and it's really fun. Anybody want to play on my co-op sometime?
  13. BrokenBoy


    While I find video game glitches in general to be interesting my favorite ones are the ones that end up crashing the game, though I generally don't care for ones on PC because the program just closes automatically with a boring error message. Game crashes on console are god tier because the...
  14. S

    My 12yo son with a PDD-NOS diagnosis and video games

    Hello all. Thank you for reading this. Is my 12yo old son addicted to video games? I think he might be. He plays long hours, is going to sleep late, wants to play all day long. I know this might describe lots of kinds. But my son also is giving us a very hard time when we try to guide him. He...
  15. BrokenBoy

    Does anyone else play Deus Ex?

    It's amazing! It's such a fun game except for the bits where it's really hard. There's so much good about the game that I can't really use one thing in order describe how great it is. It's the "full package" that I love. So does anyone else play it? BTW killing Navarre on the plane was pretty...
  16. Butterfly88

    Virtual Reality Games

    I'm looking into trying virtual reality games on Steam. Has anyone tried any? Did you like virtual reality or did it cause a sensory overload? Any game recommendations?
  17. Butterfly88

    Free Costume Quest Halloween Game from Epic Games

    Happy Halloween! Epic Games is offering a free Adventure/RPG game called Costume Quest. I plan to play it tonight to get in the Halloween mood. Here's the link to the game: Costume Quest
  18. M

    Sensory processing and video games.

    Brain Training Typically, kids with SPD (sensory processing disorders) have weekly occupational therapy sessions that focus on gross motor skills, as well as fine motor skills for those with dysgraphia.* The Neuroscape Lab is developing video games to treat a wide range of conditions, including...
  19. Supercool quotes n stuff.

    Supercool quotes n stuff.

    This is a collection of quotes that I emotionally resonated with, related to, or just found amusing for one reason or another. "Freebird, mantra of the moron." "It's all nonsense..." "Next you're gonna say: 'Knowing that won't help you any, punk.' Is that right?" "I don't have anymore...
  20. M

    What video game are you currently playing?

    im currently playing, or was in the process before I got sick, Assassin Creed Origins. I adore the Egypt that the devs created. And the history details they’ve included in, is just wonderful to experience. Whilst it’s obviously not entirely accurate, I hold the view point that anyone consumes...
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