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What do you collect?


  • Toys

    Votes: 43 32.1%
  • Books

    Votes: 57 42.5%
  • Games

    Votes: 31 23.1%
  • Nature

    Votes: 27 20.1%
  • other

    Votes: 74 55.2%
  • Clothes

    Votes: 12 9.0%

  • Total voters
Sorry to be late to the party here.

I collect basically anything Star Wars related, although I have all of my Dark Side stuff in plain sight while my light side stuff is hidden. (Yeah, I'm weird like that.)

I have more action figures of Darth Vader than I probably should... and don't even get me started on posters.
I like to collect Star Wars toys too though I haven’t got many stuff from the movies though I am getting interested in tracking down some of the original toys,I have a few stuff from the prequel along with toys based on the original trilogy and the new trilogy,here is photos of my Star Wars Collection.
@Adora I literally squealed when I saw Darth Vader's lightsaber ignited in all its glory.

That's made my night knowing that I'm not alone in collecting Star Wars stuff.
@Adora I literally squealed when I saw Darth Vader's lightsaber ignited in all its glory.

That's made my night knowing that I'm not alone in collecting Star Wars stuff.
Yeah I know that feeling it also great to meet others who collect the same stuff it’s rare for me to meet people like that like the same stuff in real life.
I have collected all kinds of stuff in the past, beer mats, train and bus tickets, cable sections, aircraft, bus and train registrations, coins (foreign and old ones) old bottles. Apart from the coins I don't really collect those anymore, however the main thing I collect, and have been collecting since I took my first steps, is rocks, minerals and fossils (and later, meteorites) there are over 4000 minerals and new ones are being found all the time so I will never have every mineral, but it's fun trying. I don't just collect them for the sake of possessing them, I also like to learn as much as I can about my specimens so every new one I get adds more to my knowledge of minerals. I started collecting them at a very early age and i think it was mainly the sparkling crystals and pretty colours that certain minerals have, and i think also to do with the texture and the weight of them, nowadays I am more interested in the elements that make up the minerals and the science behind them. I also have a collection of soft toys, some are just random animals but some are animals I have seen, as that's one of my little things is when i see a particular type of animal (in the wild) I like to try and get a soft toy of it and I have 3 special plushies who are more comfort objects than things i collect, plus I also have a collection of aircraft parts (mostly from Concorde and Panavia Tornado) and lots of other Concorde memorabilia) a tile from a Russian space shuttle and part (actually, part of a part!) of one of the US space shuttles and a collection of die cast aircraft models.
@Dark matter It'd be great to see a pic of the mineral collection, or a part of it.
At the moment I am currently reorganizing and cataloging the collection, they are going into chemical classes, such as silicates, oxides, sulphides etc This is going to take me quite some time! a lot of my more recent minerals are quite small specimens as some are very rare and some the crystals can only be seen with magnification, for example my latest specimen is a tiny nugget of iridium var osmiridium (which is a native element rather than a mineral but it's still part of the collection) the longest dimension of that is 0.66mm!
Rather than show a picture of the collection as a whole I have uploaded quite a lot of photos of individual specimens from the collection which you can see here, you can use your mouse to scroll around and zoom in, pictures which have a arrow pointing right on the right side have additional images so just click the arrow to see those.
I like your user name, thought you might like to see my best photo of a Kestrel


  • Kestrel Farlington Marshes brighter edit.JPG
    Kestrel Farlington Marshes brighter edit.JPG
    648.2 KB · Views: 0
thanks @Dark matter
I saved the kestel pic, and will be able to view the individual specimans in your gallery.
Edited to add: it will take me a while to peruse the whole gallery. :)
Last edited:
Omg I been wanting to find this kind of thread *cracks knuckles* so I am well known in my family to being the girl that collects stuffed animals. No this isn't just a new thing, I been collecting stuffed animals since I was born. I have aprox. 353 stuffed animals not including webkinz in which I have like 200 of those. Another thing I collect is Pokemon cards but I mostly if not only collect stuffed animals. I refuse to give up any I just grow attach to them. And go to my stuffed animals for comfort I also am 20 yrs old and still carry one everywhere I go :)
@Jena I've always loved stuffed animals, too! :grinning: I am also very comforted by them and carry at least a few small ones everywhere I go! I'm in my 20s as well.
Xbox games, fancy dress costumes and programming books (which I don't very often read due to being busy).
@Jena I've always loved stuffed animals, too! :grinning: I am also very comforted by them and carry at least a few small ones everywhere I go! I'm in my 20s as well.
niceeeee! I carry either small ones or medium size ones everywhere I go. My dad thinks I am too old to do that, but I am like NEVERRR
I used to collect old vacuum tube radios as a teen, but I sold them all 20 years ago. I collected new in box vacuum tubes when I was in college in the late 90s, I still have those, including one of the last vacuum tubes made in the USA, in a factory in Kentucky in 1993. It is dated January and the factory shut down in August.

Right now I cruise Craigslist for old bakelite plastic cabinet tube radios made before WW2. Such radios are nearly impossible to find now, since very few were sold in the first place because radios were treated as furniture and a plastic radio was considered cheap and chintzy despite the limitations of wood and the fact that bakelite was more capable of expressing Streamline Moderne designs. Also, bakelite gets brittle and radios would be dropped and the cabinets would shatter, and the radios would be thrown away.

I have exactly THREE, a Emerson 301 made in 1939, a General Electric L-522 made in 1942 as factories were clearing stockpiles of civilian goods so they could assist the war effort, and a Packard Bell that was made in 1946 but that used a prewar cabinet design, it also has the rare cardboard dial face, since companies had no means of making specialty parts like dials right after the war. They are all awaiting restoration. I also have an old tube amateur radio rig from the late 60s, a Swan Cygnet 270B, also awaiting restoration. Yes, I'm licensed.
In the 1980s, the US Navy was still teaching about vacuum tubes right alongside of semiconductors.

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