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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    Cool Drawings I Did Yesterday

    My drawings usually confuse and amaze everyone who sees them, so that's pretty great ^^
  2. CinnamonCrumbs

    Fixation on materials and objects

    I don't know how to correctly put it into words, and english isn't my mother language either, but I'll try my best. So... I have this little big quirk for materials, especially different types of paper, cardboard and carton. Books, boxes, all sort of packages... I like to touch and sniff them...
  3. Questella

    What do you collect?

    Do you like to collect anything? I've always been obsessed with collecting things. When I was little little I had a collection of rocks and feathers I found out in the yard. When I was a little older I went crazy collecting Pokémon cards, I still have them all (1996-2007) tens of thousands...
  4. Coupe

    Objects as conversation starters?

    I should start this out by saying that @sarah_r92 's thread about things people always carry with them got me thinking about those things leading to conversations with other people. :) For instance, I have a keychain of Cooper, a bright pink and blue giraffe/llama-like character from the movie...
  5. A

    Feeling guilty about my collection

    Some of the things I have collected are very useful in an unarguably practical sense - I can wear them, and I will need to wear them, and eventually will wear them all out. Other things were purely decorative, but made our home look nice, and my husband likes them all. But what I have felt...
  6. Caelix3

    Autism and inanimate objects?

    Anyone else get attached to inanimate objects? Such as Keychains, pens, pencils, bags or purses, etc. I noticed that sometimes I get attached to inanimate objects. Almost like one would get attached to a stuffed animal. An example would be: I bought a Keychain at Meijer, it was a fuzzy...
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