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What do you collect?


  • Toys

    Votes: 43 32.1%
  • Books

    Votes: 57 42.5%
  • Games

    Votes: 31 23.1%
  • Nature

    Votes: 27 20.1%
  • other

    Votes: 74 55.2%
  • Clothes

    Votes: 12 9.0%

  • Total voters
I'm a logophile who collects word definitions from online dictionaries. I Copy and Paste copious words, followed by their definitions, into an ever-growing text document.

I add the definitions so eagerly that I don't even care if I repeat added words. As long as the definition isn't one of an everyday word (such as "house" or "dog"), I add it.

I may have as many as a few thousand definitions so far. :smiley:
I collect words too! Yours sounds so beautifully organised, I write them up on whatever paper I have to hand
I collect words too! Yours sounds so beautifully organised, I write them up on whatever paper I have to hand
Do you have a thesaurus ?it's lovely to have all the definitions in one place !I have my mothers copy of Rogets thesaurus from the 1970s it makes me teary to think about it
I do, they're my favourite books.I also had one that collated the most unusual words.
What I've also always wanted was a medical dictionary, I'd love to have one that was made of paper I know it's not environmentally friendly but I'm used to paper books . I wish I was better at comprehending photographs of British sign language ,I have a British sign language dictionary ,but I just can't grasp what the photographs are saying .
I've ordered new reading glasses ,hopefully that will help .
I forgot to mention my pin back button collection. I have 30+ of those. Most are from Etsy and some are from Hot Topic. All are anime-related. I think the character I own the most pins of is Mink from Dramatical Murder... I've always been a bit smitten with him in spite of his many flaws...
I think I already mentioned that I collect Pokemon plushies, but I don't think I mentioned that the majority of my collection happens to include mostly yellow/orange Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon to collect in general is Leafeon. (Just bought my 4th Leafeon plushie tonight. It was the Pokedoll. I already have the standard version and both Kuttari Cuties - sleeping & awake.)
It was pennies, rocks and buttons as a kid, dragon statues and artwork as a teenager and now it's gemstones and dolls. I also collect books, but it's not to have a collection, it's just so I can read them again.:)
This probably isn't of the most common hobby, but i collect tickets and tags from my travels. I don't have many, but it's still a collection.
I know of someone who collects bus tickets and I like to keep cinema tickets :)
I collect bus tickets from travels as well as cinema tickets. I also keep other tickets, for example concert tickets or tickets from museums.

My biggest collection is my collection of articles from TV guides though. I cut them out, organize them and keep them. They are about shows and movies I like or want to watch or actors I'm interested in.
Pics (not by me) of the aurora & space weather.
Here is an extra wonderful picture of a double moonbow and the aurora. This is from spaceweather website.


I love collecting books and music. Back in high school I was the music librarian for the orchestra. The first day I walked into the music library as a freshman I hated how everything was everywhere. I started filing music away as and found the filing method was by when the music was received instead of in alphabetical order by composer or piece. I pulled and refiled over 1,400 pieces by composer - sub-file piece and set up a spreadsheet for the catalog. I use the same filing system at home with my books and music.
I like to collect rocks. I haven't been an active collector in some time, but I always try to add to my collection when able to do so. Unfortunately I don't have a place to display the ones I own so they've been in boxes for a while. I especially like crystals or really weird looking rocks. I'm hoping I'll be able to go to a nature reserve nearby sometime and look for specimens to add to my collection. I think it would be really cool to become a real hobbyist in the field someday, whenever I get my career on track and have time allotted for it.
Progressive rock albums. I have over 10,000. Mainly digital, but also have CDs, vinyls and cassettes.
Do you like to collect anything?

Does anybody else like to collect anything? =D

I think I've been collecting information, photos, songs, movies, etc my whole life. Just to collect. I lost many of it which probably de-motivates as the intention is to keep. I mostly collect information from articles, in hundreds of folders. Most of which are so badly organized it's rarely used or utilized. I seem to struggle with the organization of the information. Same reason I look at ads of cars and bikes, not to buy as I stepped away from that financial world. But I think it's an attempt to gain control of something. But what does it amount to. I collected old motorcycles, but without money I started realizing maybe that's a selfish life. Introspection has left me feeling guilty, wasting money doing a job you don't really want to do with added stress just to pay to spend the money on selfish things. I don't know anymore. It did give me pleasure, but don't stay in an environment where I can make noise, etc.
The only thing I've ever collected is computer games because they actually do something and my special interest has been computers since 1979, I've never wanted to collect any type of inanimate objects that don't do anything what-so-ever and I have no interest in them, even ornaments for instance. I will only put things like a clock, thermometer, lamps or calendar to decorate my flat for instance as they are useful and I don't care if my flat doesn't look nice, to me so what as long as it fits the purpose, I don't see things like other people who say they're happier if their flat looks better, why does something that effectively changes nothing and has no purpose make them feel better?
Sorry to be late to the party here.

I collect basically anything Star Wars related, although I have all of my Dark Side stuff in plain sight while my light side stuff is hidden. (Yeah, I'm weird like that.)

I have more action figures of Darth Vader than I probably should... and don't even get me started on posters.

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