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Some advertizing images make me uncomfortable

More :( the banana one looks fake to me


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I feel uncomfortable by this one because the color palette is off. On the shirt, he is grouped near a dead Kenny laying in a cartoonish pool of his own blood. He comes back to life obviously as he’s immortal


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This one is pretty annoying. I think it's how fake it looks. And how that fake image is presented as a positive thing. If it was just one of these food items then it wouldn't seem so annoying to me.

That seems like the common trait in all these pictures.
First one isn’t uncomfortable, second one is


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I find it's more to do with the intent of the ad (the true underlying intent) as vs the outward impression it tries to give (for me). The one's that try to use well established psychological leverages, tend to be the one's that invoke the most incongruity and disturbance.

I find even moderately less (or seemingly less) overtly distasteful ad's can still be most unpleasant to become aware of, sometimes more so because their methods don't jibe with their apparent moral stance - e.g. a charity using disingenuous methods of fund raising. I had to give up watching TV about 20 years ago mostly because of these, though not just that!

At best, for me an advert noticed is a recommendation to avoid that supplier/company! (even at my own loss).
If I want something, it never (knowingly - I'm aware of most subconscious processes with this) comes from an ad, it comes from a need, and when it has, I avoid pretty much any passive information gathering, only do research of my own. e.g. last new PC was about 6 years back. Despite being well versed in PC hardware, and what I was after, and my budget, I spent maybe two/three weeks before even deciding on a supplier. Clearly though our commercial world runs on adverts. there's much more to them than just their appearance and effects. But they are insidious things that seem to have gone from a position of informing, to a position of manipulating. maybe when the choices become so large, most people have little handle on how to choose, so will let their instincts and subconscious decide, and become even more unconsciously externally-motivated. And those that believe they are unaffected by adverts (and so very many people genuinely believe that, which is partly why it works so well :() are the most at risk of being unknowingly affected by it.


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Paper close ups


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I don't know if this is relevant but I find those commercials irritating where they have very staged, super enhanced Foley sounds. There's one for Lurpak Butter that makes my hair stand on end.

I find staged artificial sound very jarring in general. I think it's used in commercials in particular as a method to evoke the "sensory experience" of a product. But I find it very off putting. Just a montage of sounds turned up unnaturally loud so you can "hear" the rustling of lettuce leaves or asparagus sliding along a chopping board, then chop chop chopping sounds. Yuk!
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What about these images do you find disturbing?

It seems like if you could describe in words what is bothersome about them,
that would help.
They’re so up close and I can see the paper detail which makes me feel easy. It feels too unrealistic
I found something that makes me very uncomfortable: my mom using the water droplets emoji despite it having a sensual context
Maybe it's light and shadow details, or their lacking? The ones that you have issue with don't exactly show "dimension" so much, really. That seems to be the constant that I can figure. Just a thought.

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