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Some advertizing images make me uncomfortable

Forest Cat

Well-Known Member
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This is for when I have more complex things to remember,... Cat's Cradle

I just tie a blindfold around my head so everytime I slam into something or fall down staircases, I'm reminded of that thing I have to remember. ;)


oh hamburgers!
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Part 3


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V.I.P Member
So yes. Back to topic. Horrid images.
Here is my theory, and I think it is a good one. Because of the way society is set up, we have stores and restaurants competing for people's attention. And people (most NT people anyway, not sure about ND) fall for it, because they are very emotional decision makers. And it doesn't matter if that product is terrible and needs replacing constantly, and it doesn't matter if that food makes their body feel bad. The advertisement says "but you want me" in very basic emotional ways.
And the unhealthy things are rewarded, fruit and veggies don't get the subsidies so cost more, and people just keep replacing the obvious junk that they keep buying.
So the ads are actually MEANT to be overstimulating. Because they have to hypnotize better than the last one. And they work in unison ... all fast food ads look about the same. Just, which one's slogan is more appealing. Or which one has more MEAT or which one has more FRESH LETTUCE in the picture (which looks nothing like what you get) ...


oh hamburgers!
V.I.P Member
the hamburger makes me uncomfortable since it isn’t real


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Pictures of male genitals without underwear make me really uncomfortable. Even if it is just in an anatomy book or something.
I can't believe it took me this long to realize I'm only attracted to women lol

Other things I can't look at are anything gory, dead animals (including taxidermy), dead human bodies, blood, shootings, catastrophic accidents where I know people died, and medical/surgical gore.
I get really bad anxiety just from driving by car accidents on the highway because I don't want to see if anyone is dead when they put them in an ambulance.


Well-Known Member
When I was a child, paintings of people in which the person is looking at the viewer would make me feel uneasy. Particularly if the person wasn’t smiling - even if the person was smiling very big. I wouldn’t want pictures like that in my room.

It may have been a case of sensory overload.


Neur-D Missionary ☝️
V.I.P Member
When I was a child, paintings of people in which the person is looking at the viewer would make me feel uneasy. Particularly if the person wasn’t smiling - even if the person was smiling very big. I wouldn’t want pictures like that in my room.
Once, when I was doing an inventory of my figures, they were all facing me. I do not collect heads with negative expressions so it was not disturbing, but it felt like they were waiting for me to give a speech or something... ;)
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Well-Known Member
When I was 2 or 3, I had a book about the alphabet, which is shown in the link below (it may have been my sister's first, because I remember seeing a picture taken before I was born that showed the book in it). It wasn't the most lively book about the alphabet, because the pictures look more like oil paintings. But it was the picture on the inside cover of the tree with fruits with letters on them that for some reason made me feel uneasy (you can see it with the image of the small pictures, although one of them's upside down). I don't know why. Maybe because the letters seemed not to be in order?



oh hamburgers!
V.I.P Member
I'm just curious, is it a detail or something in the picture that you don't like, or is it the entire picture as a whole? Personally, I think a shopping cart full of cash looks nice. I would like to have it. :)
The size of the cash in comparison to the shopping cart. They wouldn’t use real cash for this right?

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