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So you think you can dance?


Just keep trying, victory brings glory
V.I.P Member
This one is mostly for @DavidS and fellow crafty folk hiding out.
It's a baby loom, made of hard wood and marked "west germany" I think circa 1970 something.

It looks really easy to reproduce. Straight cuts, some dowels, and a few custom parts. It has pivot pins in it. It will produce 6" wide woven cloth.

Can you see the heddle set up?

What are you supposed to do with a strip woven 6inches wide?
It is a toy, I think.

A guess is the strip could be used to protect your hand when holding sonething hot in the kitchen. Or if it is long enough (3 feet? + or -?) and made from a soft yarn, a scarf.
I think it is a toy too. I am deeply drawn to looms, and weaving. I found it in a trash pile. I could likely reproduce it, but I would need help on three of the parts, I think
Maybe. Hems are usually less wide than that(?)

Since it was made as a toy, perhaps it could make teensy stuff for dollhouses? lol This is not an area I know anything about. Just fun to visualize how the product of such a loom might be useful.

Also I guess someone could sew or crochet a bunch of these strips together to form a “throw” or a pillowcase, or other larger items.
It's just an old fashioned toy i guess. The current item on it was there when I found it, it's about 1.75 inches wide
xoxoxoxoxoxo! This is the kind of thing I love!

I taught my daughter how to weave after I found a giant picture frame by the dumpster. I laced loops of yarn tightly in a row along the frame to create the warp, and then we used yarn to weave in and out for the weft. It was really fun.
You can rotate the top beam and it moves the handle up and down, switches it back and forth between the two. In order to use it I will have to restring it. I'm not willing to do that,

We bought a very similar toy loom for our daughter about 20 years ago, but it is made in Sweden. Still have it stored for her.
It can make cloth tapes for any size and purpose. Someone like me would take the finished piece, fold the width and sew to the border of a garment for fringing.
This is how most ppl would do cloth tape I think, it's a neat video, but you may vomit from the meme music that repeats throughout

Maybe both are used somehow. The little eyelets for the heddle are a bit rusty, I guess I will treat the rust and put it away for (?) It fascinates me. I like looking at it.
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