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Sense of taste


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Does anyone here experience altered/abnormal sense of taste? My pallate has been a source of contension with my wife, family, and co-workers. In my experience, most people prefer foods rich in fats and protein as these are considered more flavorful. To me, though, an increased fat content is associated with decreased flavor and I find there to be much more depth and variety in the taste of grains than meat. Red meat is usually something I avoid that has to be forced down. If I could get away with eating loaf of bread for every meal I would... anyone else have similar experiences with tastes not mainstream? Could my unusual perceptions of taste be related to ASD?
I find all foods rich in taste, and find there is a wide array of flavors in different oils and fats (much, much more so in ones that are unrefined but even in refined ones), and in different protein-rich foods.

ASD can bring sensory hyposensitivities and hypersensitivities so it could be related in some way.

Could it also be more a matter of flavor preference/cravings and/or word-choice in communicating experience, though? (People find flavors they like a lot to have more impact than ones that are "meh" for them or something?) Or related to the solvent capacity of oils -- the way they can bring out flavors of fat-soluble compounds in spices and other ingredients in foods?
I don’t like steaks and the only form of red meat is the very occasional beef burger. I hate salmon and most fish. Crumpets are the stuff of night mares to me.
I'm generally hyposensitive as far as taste is concerned.
I love spicy food.
I adore brussels sprouts.
I hate eggs.
I don't like meat much and was a vegetarian for many years. I prefer vegetables, grains, pulses and beans to meat.
I don't have a 'sweet tooth' and rarely crave sweet food.
I can't eat carrot or turnip when they're on a plate but when in a bowl of soup I can eat them no issue.
I can't stand candies and chocolate, or anything spicy. My sense of taste is way overdeveloped. Everything ever so slightly salty to other people is extremely salty to me and uneatable.

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