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food issues

  1. H

    Food Difficulties

    Okay, I've posted about this before, but I'm really struggling with it right now. I have food difficulties. I prefer bland foods that I know will taste the same every time. I eat a lot of granola bars. I also struggle with fears of contamination, and have found that single portion foods are...
  2. H

    Can you tell if the food is spoiled?

    Even there is an expiration date on the label, some of the food is still edible for 1 or 2 days after that. Most of the cooked food don't have a label on it so it's hard to tell. I just found out recently that I cannot differentiate if the food is spoiled or edible. Unless there are visible...
  3. SusanLR

    Sweet Stuff

    I don't have a desire for eating anything very sweet. Neither do I snack. If I do eat anything sweet, such as the rare piece of a really good brand boxed candy or a cordial, I can only eat one piece. If someone says take another and I have done that to oblige, it seems to make me sick to my...
  4. Hareofhrair

    Different Kinds of Food Issues

    So having sensory issues with food is pretty normal for us from what I've read, but I'm curious about all the different ways this can manifest. The most standard version I've heard about is people preferring bland food or having trouble with texture. I have a friend who isn't yet diagnosed but I...
  5. AspieWatchmaker

    Sense of taste

    Does anyone here experience altered/abnormal sense of taste? My pallate has been a source of contension with my wife, family, and co-workers. In my experience, most people prefer foods rich in fats and protein as these are considered more flavorful. To me, though, an increased fat content is...
  6. Jena

    Anyone on the spectrum suffer through this too?

    Hey so serious question but is there any other messy eater aspie/autistic person out there that isn't child age? Cause I am 20 years old with asperger's and still a very messy eater. I ate a ice cream bar and got chocolate all over my shirt, I drip crumbs and every thing on the floor, I have...
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