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On Youtube is there a way to report and block a user, so you never see their content?


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There are animal cruelty videos on YouTube. According to the upload dates they have been there a long time. Very rarely they come up mixed in with search results, or in a shorts feed.

I don't know why Youtube hasn't deleted this content. I can't be the only person on earth, clicking report, when these videos show up. Is it apathy on youtube's part? Like how is it there?

I have had a weaving youtube video that I uploaded, that was completely innocent, removed for some violation, I can't remember. But these other youtubers it seems, have their content on youtube for over a year, and it isn't deleted.

I clicked on the channel name when I came across an animal abuse video. I saw in their content, several other video options with names and pictures that denoted that this or that video would depict cruelty to animals. Other captions were written in Mandarin script, and i didn't know what they said.

I tried reporting the user, but there was no option for violent content, repulsive content, animal cruelty, etc.

I tried reporting individual videos, without clicking on them, but all you could do is click report, and then youtube said something to the nature of "thank you for reporting". there were no options to tell youtube what kind of content it was.

the only way I actually was able to report a video was to click on it, pause the video, and then report. Then it gave me all kinds of options, including animal abuse. But then they want a timestamp? I am trying NOT to see the content. Can't they just watch it themselves, or look at the description to see how ghastly it will be?

I went back to the channel, and I couldn't find any way to block the user or to report them as animal abusers.

On Facebook reels, when one comes across disagreeable content, you can quite easily, in one step, block a user, and none of their content will ever show up on your feed again.

Is this possible on youtube? Can you block channels?

Also, is there another way to report horrific content without having to click on the video? A more effective method?
Click the three dots to the right of any video in your feed.
You'll get these options, which include "Don't recommend channel" and "not interested".

Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 10.35.23 AM.png
YT definitely doesn't care, especially if it involves bugs. Keep fighting the good fight by hitting that 'report' button for sure, but they're relatively unlikely to do anything unless the content is really disturbing. And by that I mean, if it viscerally grosses most people out, and unfortunately most abuse falls below that line for a lot of people.

My best line of defense is to just pay attention to what I like. 'Viral' content and shorts can just be blocked with browser extensions so I can get back to the things I actually pay attention to. Social media is designed to become your own personal echo-chamber, so make it a happy safe space and you might not even get recommendations like this going forward. That's really the best thing you can do, IMO.
Agreed. The only way to seriously address such concerns is to go outside of Alphabet Inc. altogether.

Otherwise you're just at the mercy of the 18th largest corporation based on revenue. Sure, they provide alleged ways of altering how their algorithm works, but I believe ultimately it's just "window dressing".
The worst thing for me is Facebook, because I get repetitive ads about animal abuse. Yesterday I got one showing cats about to die. It really upset me, and I selected "don't show again" and then reported it for being too sensitive (or rather insensitive). But no doubt another ad from a different firm will show another sensitive ad that will stab my heart.

I know I'm probably being woke here (sorry) but I really do support animal rights and I get really sensitive to any torture of any kind of any animal.
I saw this one person upload a video showing a drawing of a cartoon cat near a noose and various other self harm topics. Ofc YouTube doesn't remove the video but instead places a sensitive content warning on it.
I saw this one person upload a video showing a drawing of a cartoon cat near a noose and various other self harm topics. Ofc YouTube doesn't remove the video but instead places a sensitive content warning on it.

That's also a good point -- most places don't care if it's a drawing or cartoon because it's purely artistic, even though it can be bothersome or triggering to a lot of people. It's harder to avoid things like this for sure
Yeah, this site just randomly started throwing a few like this at me the other day.

It was something with like, "live feedings". Some big frog thing hopping around and mangling mice, in this plastic bin (it wasnt even a terrarium), they couldnt get out of course, and... well, yeah, suffice it to say I didnt stick around. And the creator tried to make it like "well I'm just showing you how nature does things" but 2 seconds on his channel page shows that it's a load of nonsense, all about getting those sweet clicks.

Not the first time it threw something like that at me either. There was this one other channel that was doing something like, okay, buying up all these roaches that are meant to be kept as pets in some safe terrarium or other enclosure, that sort of thing. And then making some horrid videos about like... well, there was fire. I cant un-see that. Or un-hear it, either. And of course the justification was "well they're just bugs so who cares", which... uuuugh. And yeah I know plenty of people really do hate bugs, but I dont, and even for those that do, this one was going way too far.

That all being said, dont expect Youtube's own report functions to do much. It's a giant site, a lot of that stuff is automated. It's why things like DMCA takedowns can be used to attack channels.
I wonder if there are any watchdog groups or news outlets that would report on this, to publicly shame YT and FB into behaving better.
This is a topic I’m used to ranting about, myself. So here’s another rant about it.

I don’t even watch dog training videos on YouTube anymore because they don’t regulate their animal content at all. There are a lot of trainers pushing really cruel and unethical practices (yes, even mostly based in the US) that get millions of views and positive comments. It’s appalling.

Tiktok is more of the same and spreads misinformation even faster, and to a broader and younger audience. If you don’t like the YouTube algorithm, don’t bother with tiktok.

I mostly use YouTube for music, educational scientific content, guided meditation, and paranormal podcasts because anything else is getting into pretty yucky territory. There are still a lot of videos I have to click off of.
I’m very unhappy about how unregulated the content is, and the comments are rife with cyberbullying and harassment.

I don’t even log in or subscribe to any channels anymore, I choose which videos to watch on my own. I know I have complained a lot on here about YouTube pushing videos at me with animal cruelty, homophobia and racism, people being mean (one time I stumbled upon a video where the creator said, verbatim, “sometimes bullying is just funny”) and lots of political and religious content that doesn’t align with my views.
The only solution I’ve found is staying logged out and clearing your history.
It's only possible to block them from posting comments. That's it.

Google sucks in terms of your privacy. I know, because I've had to constantly file reports on the same troll. They use forms and when you await a response, you get told "It doesn't violate the terms of service."

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