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List your inventions here. What does the world need?


I only have one
V.I.P Member
List something that you invented or you think should be invented.

I'll start.

One way glass - only one side is solid.

This is glass that a fly will bounce off if it's trying to get into your house.

But it can fly straight through and back outside if its already in your house.

Take extra care to fit the pane the right way round.
When I was seven years old I was interested
in making inventions. The materials I had at hand
were grass, water, and sometimes a jar.

I couldn't figure out why my inventions all seemed
to be so similar. Even when I added ants.

I didn't drown the ants. I made a floating island
for them. Still, my early experiences with inventing
were pretty unsatisfying.
Telescoping snow shovel, with curved (cutting) corners at the bottom, head or scoop is made of wood with a metal cutting blade (saw blade) attached. Made one, as they don't exist. The wooden scoop can be removed and interchanged with the plastic scoop.

Reconfigured a bought telescoping snow shovel, plastic was not strong enough to remove hard snow from roofs, they were constantly splitting and breaking. So I made another scoop to attach to it. The regular plastic head works on (only) soft snow, the wooden head on ice and snow that's melted and refrozen. It's a little heavier than plastic, but it works well. Thinking maybe fiberglass would work as a lighter option. Using several of those fiberglass repair kits for cars.
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A headset for people who cannot play games (due to lost limbs, paralysis, problems with their hands, etc.), so they can play video games by the headset converting their thoughts into commands so they can play games with other people.

Similar technology is getting created today with a Japanese company making an exoskeleton (ironically/suspiciously named Cyberdyne Hal - thumbs up if you get both references), which will hopefully be used to help physically disabled people to walk again as well as providing superior upper-body strength to the wearer.
my invention is very simple.

Step 1; A fire to throw all of the worlds money in
Step 2: resource based economy which would allow housing and food for everyone
Step 3: Ignore the rich people that will be mad that they aren't multibillionaires anymore

The schematic looks a bit something like this
Complete solar houses, all solar. You just plug into rubber walls, no receptacles. All heat and hot water and electricity generated by the solar panels. Drains and sprayers in every room, all furniture waterproof. You remove the materials from the room that you don't want be cleaned, you could hang up clothing on racks to be washed. Close the water sealed doors and wash everything like a gigantic dishwasher would.
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I know just what the world needs! Honeymite! Vegemite and honey smushed together! I am a genius!
genetically engineer vegetables to taste like candy. That way, kids will always look forward to eating their veggies.
The U-Dog Bun.
That would be my name for it. I got this idea from eating hot dogs in restaurants and the bun falls apart.
Mold the bread into a U shaped form that's all one piece.
Thick and substantial to hold the hot dog and all the toppings you want together.
A portable bin that can clip to your jeans/belt or be stored away in your bag. I'll call it the Belt Bin for now.

I say this because if you've got some messy rubbish (maybe you ate a chocolate bar in hot weather and had a wrapper mostly covered in melted chocolate) and you can't find a bin around; you don't want to litter but you also don't want to put the wrapper in your pocket as the last thing you need is melted chocolate all over the inside of your jean pocket.

In this case, you would use the Belt Bin. The bin itself would be a similar design to a cup-holder but with a folding mechanism to fold down when it's not in use and a disposable bag clipped inside of it.
When you need it, you simply lift up the folding mechanism so it clicks into place, then lift the lid and place your waste in the disposable bag inside.
When you then do find a bin, you simple remove the disposable bag, tie it up and put it in the bin. You then replace the bag inside the portable bin for the next time you need it. You then fold the bin down and clip it back to your jeans/belt or put it back away in your bag.

I think it would mainly be useful for parents (as kids can eat a lot of messy foods) and if you're on holiday somewhere where there aren't a lot of bins around (like Japan).
Storks that actually deliver babies, like in various cartoons and that film wot came out last year :D
While do need "lab grown meat", we also need lab grown eggs and milk. I haven't seen anything about research done in that area.

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