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Is it possible that my ASD has something to do with this?

I haven't played most of these games but back in the day Harvest Moon was almost a stim.
I am actually getting an old xbox today and I hope to get Harvest Moon and Sky Rim for it.
I simply don't have enough coordination or blood lust for multi player games.
Nope. I got rid of my PS2 years ago (after having it break and get replaced NINE TIMES... to say I hated the thing is an understatement. What a piece of junk... it was the flat model, you see...). And while I used to have a DS, that didnt last long. The thing is too awkward and hard to hold, my arm flares up after only a couple of minutes of trying to use that, so I had to get rid of that too. So that's the SMT series out the window for me. I actually had a copy of DDS2 but the PS2 breathed it's last before I actually got to try it.

Well, technically I could play the PS2 ones on the emulator, but actually getting the bloody things is a giant pain and I only just recently got ahold of the emulator itself.

These days, if it aint on PC (or easily emulated) I dont play it. With rare exceptions for the Switch.
I agree. I think PC is the better as well because I don't really care about exclusives enough to buy a new gaming console just to play them. Consoles and console exclusive games are pretty much obsolete and modern consoles especially Xboxes are basically watered down PCs. Almost all of the games I like such as Minecraft, Fallout, Civilization, and etc are multiplats available on PC.
I think most normies get bored with turn based games - I have friends who balk at a 10 minute video.
Or they go to Turn based strategy games.
Pen and Paper RPGs have the social side to help keep people interested if not paying attention.

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