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  1. Sid Delicious

    Is anyone good at designing basic combat systems for RPG style games?

    I'm working on a hobby game with a few other developers and artists. We've got most of it covered, but our combat system lacks much detail (other than character A whacks character B and causes n damage, then character B whacks character A and causes n damage). Our original system was far too...
  2. BrokenBoy

    I beat one of my all time favorite games today..

    Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS! Damn that game was hard. It was really fun, though, there was some times where I wanted to break my 3DS because of how hard it was. I did the route where you decide to believe that Yoohoo's plan of escaping the lockdown is the best option. Fighting Izuna...
  3. BrokenBoy

    Is it possible that my ASD has something to do with this?

    My favorite video game genre is turn based role playing games. I don't care if it's a WRPG or a JRPG I just love RPG's that are turn based in general. I'm playing Dragon Quest 1 for the NES right now and its really fun. But it appears that 99.99% of the human population seems to hate turn based...
  4. BrokenBoy

    Does anyone else play Deus Ex?

    It's amazing! It's such a fun game except for the bits where it's really hard. There's so much good about the game that I can't really use one thing in order describe how great it is. It's the "full package" that I love. So does anyone else play it? BTW killing Navarre on the plane was pretty...
  5. BrokenBoy

    Dungeon and Dragons

    So I've been wanting to play D&D for a really long time and I've made my Christmas list for this year and included the starter set for the 5th edition even though 3.5th is universally seen as the best. I have pointed out that it's the cheapest thing on the Christmas list and what I want the...
  6. L

    Anyone want to play dnd?

    Hi! Me, my brother and a friend were planning to play dnd in a week or two, probably on roll20. It will be our first time playing, and I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in playing. Please tell me if you are!
  7. Newt

    Opposing Opinions - Why Do They Bother Me So Much?

    Hello, just thought I'd bring up discussion about an issue that's been troubling me for some time. It's basically the act of getting triggered or sensitive over an opposing opinion that may be expressed quite harshly. Sometimes I get afraid to like something of a high popularity that despite...
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