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  1. Xinyta

    Metroid Prime 4 Beyond

    This is a genuine surprise. A trailer dropped today for Prime 4. I have to say, it does look good. Though who knows how the final product itself will look. But Sylux, a hunter from Metroid Prime Hunters, being in this, is not a surprise at all. Though what is, is that he has Metroids following...
  2. Xinyta

    Confonting 'Adam' - Metroid Fusion

    This scene in the game has some emotional context attached to it. And a very pivotal moment in the game's storyline. Samus, during some elevator rides, adds exposition of the situation or her memories of Adam (which was horribly botched in Other M). Her memories of Adam are the result of naming...
  3. cathy29

    Multiplayer Gaming

    Hi are there any guilds on World of Warcraft for people with autism or that have quite a few people with autism? If not are there any groups on other multiplayer games with only or mostly people with autism? thanks :)
  4. S

    Hello everyone

    I’m a high functioning autistic. My special interests are computers/IT, psychology, and martial arts. I’m not an anime or gamer type and I don’t generally watch TV. Hacking is a lot of fun. I’m trying to learn more about video games to be able to have that conversation with other hfas. Hit me...
  5. Nicholas Wedemeyer

    New Youtube Video of Fortnite Gaming

    Hi Everyone in Autism Forums, I got 2 new videos, one is Fortnite Victory Royale Celebration: and the other one is Fortnite Team Rumble with my Instagram friend Aidan Marshall from Thailand: I would appreciate it if you comment and like and share those videos!
  6. Qoyote

    (Funny) Gamers will buy anything

    TLDR; Your bank account is a temple and you shouldn't desecrate it with games like this one I've been getting back into Pokemon (first love with a Pokemon fanatic'll do that to you) and people keep complaining about the games the last few years. In Dexit/Dexgate (it's really called that lmao)...
  7. An0maly_1976

    PC Gamers? BeamNG.drive / American Truck Sim users?

    The aforementioned games help keep me from bouncing off the walls, though I have more or less parted ways with Steam after some rather strange standards as to what is kosher and what is not. Anyhoo, was wondering if anyone here played either of these games.
  8. Joshua the Writer

    So, Roblox went Down; then it Came Back

    Roblox has been down for more than a day so far. Apparently there has been a cyber attack. I was actually in game when the servers crashed.
  9. Rocco

    PS2 restoration, PlayStation 2 gaming console use and repair.

    I have adopted a new hobby, playing my old PlayStation 2 game system and buying and fixing/restoring old broken consoles. The PS2 console was introduced 20 years ago and was the game system for a generation of players. Now it has become a retro system and popularity is/was increasing...
  10. callmeriver

    did anyone Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone for Ps1, GBA or GBC?

    as a kid i loved the harry potter games on GBA, GBC, Ps1 and PC, i think they were also on Xbox, Gamecube and Ps2 and i was watching videos on TikTok and one of the videos was hagrid from the first ps1 game and it made super nostalgic and i wanted to know if anyone else played these games during...
  11. Joshua the Writer

    Call of Duty Zombies Lore

    I just found this massive video on Call of Duty Zombies that goes over the lore in great detail. This does use the chapters feature if you want to skip over stuff easily. Yes, it is actually 6 hours long. I, myself, am only an hour into it. I am kinda amazed how much time the developers put...
  12. Joshua the Writer

    Can y'all find weird Android games for me?

    I have an idea for a video. It involved reacting and reviewing weird Android games. Can you find the weirdest Android games on the play store for me? I am kinda low on time. Also, the YouTube channel this will be posted on is TheGamerSaph.
  13. Joshua the Writer

    Let's Share Cool Gaming Moments!

    Here is me managing to kill a Rathian with a carving knife stab while mounting. That attack does one damage. It's the first time it ever happened to me after about 5 years of playing Monster Hunter. What are your cool gaming moments. Videos are preffered.
  14. Joshua the Writer

    Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Coming to PC

    A screenshot that I was too lazy to crop. Ignore the amount of Discord notifications I have in this pic. I am so excited for this. I cannot wait until July 9 when this releases so I can install and play the heck out of it. The trailers make it obvious that you will be getting a cute lil' baby...
  15. Joshua the Writer

    Who Else Creates Gaming Content on YouTube / Other Video Platforms?

    I enjoy occasionally creating gaming content to upload onto YouTube. Although I do it for fun just to share my interests with other like-minded people. I don't plan on turning making YT content into a career any time soon, if ever. This is actually my latest video: Anybody else create content?
  16. Joshua the Writer

    Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise!

    I'm so excited about this, considering that Gore Magala is one of my favorite monsters from the Monster Hunter franchise. Article
  17. Joshua the Writer

    Annoying Bossfights?

    What do you think is the most annoying boss fight in any game you have made. I'd say all iterations of Kushala Daora from Monster Hunter. It basically abuses the wind pressure mechanics, where if you get slapped by wind from a monster (such as when it flaps its wings), it knocks you back a bit...
  18. Joshua the Writer

    Capcom Data Breach

    Source: Capcom data breach worse than previously suspected My thoughts: Recently, Capcom had a ransomware attack done against them. Basically, the individual who did that attack said that in order for Capcom to keep the stolen info about their upcoming games, such as Monster Hunter Rise and...
  19. AGXStarseed

    Music/Songs/Soundtracks from Video Games

    Post video links of music, songs, soundtrack you like from video games. 1. God Hand was a lackluster game but had a cracking song. 2. Crazy Taxi was my first PS2 game and had some great songs. This is one of them. 3.The music that plays in Super Godzilla, during the final boss fight...
  20. New PFP

    New PFP

    I decided that I've worn out my old PFP, so this is what I'm changing my PFP to on most sites I use. This is Odogaron from Monster Hunter World.
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