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  1. D

    AP Class Help

    There’s only a few weeks until the AP tests. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m already authorized for extra time, but I’m scared it won’t be enough. The multiple choice will be fine. I’m good at that. I know the content. But the essays are the problem. I don’t know how to zone in on them...
  2. Alaric593

    My Thoughts

    This will be my mind spilled out on to the internet from time to time. From Aspergers to war and law. I am still learning that I have so much more to learn.
  3. Daydreamer

    Do you ever feel like this?

    I seem to have three main states that I can experience when I wake up, and how I wake up tends to determine how the rest of the day will progress. There's what I like to refer to as average mode. I'm fairly rested but still a little drowsy, I may fade in and out of being awake, somewhat aware...
  4. Daydreamer

    Procrastinating on a task you want to do?

    Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on a task that you're looking forward to? Something you enjoy and want to get started on, but a part of your mind suggests "Hmm, not yet, let's scroll aimlessly on social media for a bit or rearrange the furniture for no apparent reason instead". I...
  5. KRISTEN deanna AKLAND

    The last fireflies

    This blog is about emotions. I am aware that I do not express my emotions like most people. I burn on the inside.
  6. Jorg

    I'm sooo tired of trying to study at home or being at it.

    While I'm writing this I just feel so so so...tired, I haven't slept good in weeks and I'm starting to feel stressed, angry, frustrated... I'm taking 5 classes this semester, they're harder than I thought and while I know I could be successful in them I can't feel comfortable at home. In first...
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